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In the heart of Berlin, nestled to the west of the Prenzlauer Berg district, lies Gleimviertel, an urban gem distinguished by its inimitable charm and unique personality. This residential area exudes a relaxed atmosphere, known for its meticulously restored residential buildings from the 20th century, cozy cafes, and, notably, for housing the famous Mauerpark. Cobblestone streets lined with trees, historic pastel-colored facades, and a friendly ambiance create an exceptionally unique living environment in this district.

If you are considering selling your property, we will explore the distinctive features of Gleimviertel, provide tips to maximize the value of your property, and explain how our real estate agency, specialized in this neighborhood, can assist you in achieving your selling goals. With our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Berlin, we are the ideal partner for anyone looking to invest in Gleimviertel.

The History of Gleimviertel: A District in Constant Evolution

Gleimviertel, this picturesque district of Prenzlauer Berg, bears witness to Berlin’s rich and tumultuous history. Its evolution over the years has shaped the unique character of this sought-after neighborhood.

The history of Gleimviertel dates back to the 19th century when Berlin was undergoing rapid industrial expansion. The district takes its name from the poet and writer Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim and was officially incorporated into the city of Berlin in 1861. At that time, it was primarily a residential area for the working class, characterized by Wilhelminian-style buildings and quiet streets.

During World War II, Gleimviertel endured heavy bombings, resulting in the destruction of many historic properties. After the war, Berlin’s division into East and West also affected Gleimviertel, as the district found itself in the eastern part of the city. For decades, it witnessed the challenges and political changes of the Cold War era.

With the reunification of Germany in 1990, Gleimviertel experienced a new renaissance. Damaged buildings were restored, green spaces were rehabilitated, and new residents flocked to the neighborhood. It was during this time that Gleimviertel began to build its reputation as a peaceful residential area with historical charm.

Gleimviertel continues to evolve while preserving its heritage. The district has become a highly sought-after place to live in Berlin, attracting a diverse population, from families to young professionals. Its cobblestone streets are lined with local shops, cozy cafes, and tranquil parks.

The constant evolution of Gleimviertel makes it a dynamic neighborhood where history blends with modernity, offering residents an authentic lifestyle in one of the most attractive parts of Berlin.

The geographical location and access of the neighborhood

Gleimviertel holds a coveted position within the bustling metropolis of Berlin, situated in the popular district of Prenzlauer Berg. Its strategically advantageous location makes it an ideal residential area for those seeking both the tranquility of a peaceful neighborhood and easy access to the amenities of the vibrant city.


Central Location in Prenzlauer Berg: Nestled in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Gleimviertel shares the renown of this iconic Berlin neighborhood. Prenzlauer Berg is celebrated for its historical charm, cobblestone streets, and artistic atmosphere. Geographically, Gleimviertel is bordered by the Ringbahn S-Bahn line to the east, Schönhauser Allee to the south, Eberswalder Straße to the west, and the district boundary with Gesundbrunnen to the north. To the west, the neighborhood concludes at the tracks and embankment of the former Stettiner railway, which served as the border to the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989 and is now the Mauerpark.

Access to Public Transportation: Gleimviertel provides convenient access to a variety of public transportation options, facilitating travel within Berlin and beyond. Whether you prefer the subway, tram, or buses, this neighborhood puts you within reach of everything the city has to offer.

  • Subway (U-Bahn): The subway is one of the fastest and most efficient means of transportation in Berlin, and Gleimviertel is no exception. The Eberswalder Straße subway station, located nearby, is part of the U2 line, allowing quick access to key destinations such as Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, and Kurfürstendamm.
  • Tram (Straßenbahn): Several tram lines traverse Gleimviertel, enabling residents to reach neighboring districts and explore the beauty of Prenzlauer Berg. The M2 line traverses the neighborhood along Schönhauser Allee, providing quick access to key locations like the Eberswalder Straße subway station.
  • Bus: Berlin’s well-developed bus network serves Gleimviertel, with several bus lines connecting the neighborhood to other parts of Prenzlauer Berg and adjacent areas. For instance, line 156 links Gleimviertel to various parts of Prenzlauer Berg and nearby zones.

Major Roadways: Gleimviertel is also accessible by car, with main roads such as Schönhauser Allee and Danziger Straße in close proximity. If you own a vehicle, reaching Berlin’s highways and main routes from this neighborhood is easily achievable.

Micro-districtMajor streetsPostal codes
Korsörer Strasse
Y stader Strasse
Kopenhagener Strasse
Rhinower Strasse
Sonnenburger Strasse
Eberswalder Strasse

The Real Estate Market Trends in Gleimviertel

Gleimviertel is rapidly becoming one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Berlin. Its blend of well-maintained historic buildings and modern new constructions is drawing a diverse range of buyers and investors. The area is especially popular among young professionals, artists, and families seeking a balance between the city’s vibrancy and the tranquility of a residential neighborhood.

The obligation for energy renovation

It concerns all property owners, under the Building Energy Act (GEG) that came into effect in 2020 and has been revised multiple times since. It is crucial that property owners do not take the obligation lightly. In case of non-compliance, a fine of up to 50,000 euros can be imposed.

In the event of a change of ownership, the new owner is obligated to comply with the requirements of the GEG. The new owner has two years from the move-in date to carry out these renovations.

Additional rules regarding the renovation obligation during the replacement of the heating system are scheduled to take effect from 2024.

An Established and Solid Real Estate Market

Over the past 10 years, Prenzlauer Berg has experienced steady growth in real estate prices. This stability reflects the confidence of buyers and investors in the market, making it one of the most valuable neighborhoods in Berlin.

A Constant Demand

In recent years, Gleimviertel has gained popularity among Berlin residents and real estate investors alike. The demand for housing in the neighborhood currently surpasses the supply, leading to a steady increase in real estate prices for both purchase and rental properties. Buyers are actively seeking spacious apartments, characterful houses, and well-maintained properties, contributing to the creation of a dynamic real estate market.

The charm of Gleimviertel

What makes Gleimviertel even more appealing in the real estate market is the myriad attractions that come with life in this neighborhood. The blend of historic architecture and new developments provides a variety of real estate options to suit every taste.

Consequences of the Pandemic (COVID-19)

The housing trend in Berlin has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. An increasing number of people have sought to leave the city center for slightly more peripheral neighborhoods, offering a quieter living environment. The pandemic has heightened the importance of infrastructure such as green spaces and recreational areas. Additionally, with the shift to remote work, many individuals have looked for homes providing enough space to create comfortable home offices. Prenzlauer Berg offers a variety of apartments suited to this new reality.

The complexity of certain regulations

The regulation of the “Milieuschutzgebiet” in Berlin aims to protect established tenants against the risks of eviction related to abrupt rent increases. Selling real estate in these areas is subject to strict rules, including the municipality’s right of first refusal, which has two months to decide whether to purchase the property.

Potential buyers must adhere to certain conditions, such as municipal approval to convert a rental property into condominiums, which is rarely granted. Renovations also require municipal approval. Selling in these areas requires a thorough understanding of the regulations and the search for suitable clients, often interested in a long-term investment strategy.

Our agency is familiar with the regulations in force in the protected sectors of Berlin. With our in-depth expertise, we have the necessary skills to effectively market your real estate property.

The evolution of prices in Gleimviertel

The real estate market in Prenzlauer Berg is characterized by an emerging trend: a consistent appreciation in property values over the years. This enthusiasm presents a unique opportunity for homeowners looking to sell their property.

For homeowners considering the sale of their property in Gleimviertel, real estate prices in this neighborhood rank among the highest in the capital, making it a strategic choice to maximize return on investment. Over the years, there has been a steady rise in property prices in Gleimviertel, reflecting the growing allure of the area and its increasing popularity among potential buyers.

To provide a more precise idea of current prices, the average selling price for an unrented apartment in Gleimviertel ranges between €5,000 to €7,000 per square meter, compared to €5,300 in Berlin overall. For rented properties, the average selling price in Gleimviertel ranges between €4,000 to €5,500.

These figures confirm that Gleimviertel is a robust real estate market where prices are well above the capital’s average. If you are considering selling your property in this district, this can be an exceptional opportunity to capitalize on this upward trend and maximize the value of your asset.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that property purchase prices can vary considerably based on various factors such as property size, condition, exact location, energy certification, and whether it is rented or not.

One crucial feature that can significantly influence the selling price of an apartment in Germany lies in its rental status, namely whether it is currently leased or not. The German real estate market is heavily influenced by some of the most tenant-friendly rental laws in Europe.

These regulations typically enforce long-term lease agreements, thus ensuring strong rights for tenants. In practice, if the apartment is already rented, it can create uncertainty about when the current tenant will vacate the premises. This uncertainty can potentially lead to a decrease in the selling price, as the buyer cannot be guaranteed a specific date for occupancy of the apartment.

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The Advantages of Selling in Gleimviertel

Living in Gleimviertel, just steps away from Mauerpark, is pure bliss. On Sundays, it’s a celebration with the flea market and karaoke. Neighbors become friends, and you truly feel at home.

– Interview with a local resident.

The real estate value in Gleimviertel extends beyond the walls of your property; it is closely tied to the entire neighborhood and the surrounding environment. Here are some of the assets that contribute to the exceptional real estate value of Gleimviertel:

Recreation and Activities

Residents of Gleimviertel have access to a wide variety of activities, many of which are centered around Mauerpark. Notable among these is the Sunday flea market, drawing in both locals and visitors in search of unique finds, be it vintage clothing, antiques, art pieces, or handmade products. Mauerpark is also renowned for its open-air concerts and performances. Every Sunday, the “Bearpit Karaoke” gathers enthusiastic crowds. Additionally, the park offers numerous sports facilities, making it a versatile and vibrant hub for both leisure and recreation.

Green spaces

Lawn in front of the “Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark,” located at Mauerpark (Freunde des Mauerparks e.V, Bernauer Str. 63, 13355 Berlin).

Basketball court located at Mauerpark (Freunde des Mauerparks e.V, Bernauer Str. 63, 13355 Berlin).

Green spaces like Mauerpark provide residents of Gleimviertel with nearby relaxation and leisure areas. The opportunity to stroll through lush parks or enjoy open-air concerts at Mauerpark adds a valuable dimension to the quality of life in the neighborhood. It stands as one of the cultural treasures of Gleimviertel, a versatile space that embodies both the history, creativity, and sociability of the area.

Neighborhood and Environment: The quality of life in Gleimviertel

Renovation and Development Projects

Gleimviertel continues to attract investors and real estate developers. Ongoing renovation and development projects aim to modernize specific areas of the neighborhood while preserving its historical character. For instance, a new residential district with high-quality condominiums has been constructed along Bösebrücke, along Bornholmer Straße.

Gleimviertel also benefits from continuous investments in urban development and heritage preservation. These investments contribute to maintaining the neighborhood’s allure by improving infrastructure, public spaces, and amenities.

Real Estate Appreciation

In recent years, Gleimviertel has garnered attention due to its preserved charm and proximity to the city center. This upward trend in real estate appreciation is expected to continue. Well-maintained properties in this neighborhood are increasingly in demand, potentially translating into attractive selling prices for sellers. As the area maintains its appeal, it represents a promising opportunity for those looking to invest in or sell real estate in Gleimviertel.

Flourishing Local Economy

The neighborhood is witnessing a growing number of local small businesses, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. This surge is bolstering the local economy and creating a dynamic social fabric. Gleimviertel continues to attract new businesses, contributing to the economic vitality of the neighborhood.

A sample of successful sales

  • Surface : 110m2
  • Prix : 650.000 €
  • Rue : Ueckermünder Strasse 11
apartment Prenzlauer berg
  • Surface : 71m2
  • Prix : 465.000 €
  • Rue : Dunckerstrasse 21
Apartment Prenzlauer Berg Erich-Weinertstrasse
  • Surface : 103m2
  • Prix : 749.000 €
  • Rue : Erich-Weinertstrasse 5
balcony apartment Prenzlauer berg
  • Surface : 74m2
  • Prix : 679.000 €
  • Rue: Kollwitzstrasse 68
  • Surface : 51m2
  • Prix : 299.000 €
  • Rue :  Kopenhagenerstrasse 77
  • Surface : 50m2
  • Prix : 359.000 €
  • Rue : Pappelallee 82

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apartment bötzowviertel


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