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Friedrichshain, located in the center of Berlin, stands out as a constantly evolving neighborhood, embodying a balanced blend of its tumultuous past and contemporary modernity. Indeed, its properties showcase a combination of pre-war architecture, GDR (German Democratic Republic) culture, and cosmopolitan districts.

In the shadow of its rich history, Friedrichshain has transformed into a haven of tranquility and international appeal, making it one of the capital’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Dubbed “F-Hain,” the district primarily offers spacious apartments with square meter prices surpassing the Berlin average.

If you are considering selling your property in Friedrichshain, this article provides an overview of the reasons that make this neighborhood an attractive choice for real estate sellers.

Discover how our agency, as an international partner, can expertly guide you through this real estate selling adventure in Friedrichshain. Welcome to exploring the real estate market at the heart of the capital.

The Past of Friedrichshain: The Promising Evolution of the Real Estate Market

Friedrichshain takes its name from King Frederick II of Prussia, whose reign left an indelible mark on Berlin in the 18th century. The neighborhood’s history traces back to the late 19th century, marked by rapid growth due to industrialization. Workers and laborers sought refuge in this burgeoning district, establishing the initial communities that contributed to shaping Friedrichshain’s social and cultural identity.

Throughout the 20th century, the neighborhood witnessed significant episodes, including the division of Berlin by the Wall. Friedrichshain, located in the east of the city, became a witness to political and social changes. After reunification, the district attracted a new generation of artists, creatives, and young families, infusing it with a renewed dynamic.

Today, this neighborhood presents a mosaic of architectural styles, creating a dynamic and captivating urban landscape. The streets are lively and vibrant, notably with the presence of bustling street markets offering an abundance of vintage shops and cozy cafes. During weekends, Friedrichshain transforms into a popular destination, drawing a diverse crowd seeking a lively urban getaway.

Thanks to its rich and evolving history, Friedrichshain now embodies a unique identity, making real estate sales in this district an opportunity to offer a place steeped in a rich past and a promising future.


The Real Estate Market Trends in Friedrichshain

Regarding real estate sales in Berlin, Friedrichshain is increasingly emerging as a top-tier option, currently holding a privileged position in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the current trends and opportunities to make informed decisions. This analysis provides insight into the dynamics at play.

Evolution of Architectural Trends

The artistic and alternative scene in Friedrichshain also exerts a notable influence on architecture. Real estate projects often embrace innovative designs, blending the old and the modern to create unique residential spaces that reflect the bohemian character of the neighborhood. Indeed, it showcases architectural diversity that captivates with its eclectic mix of styles. Nineteenth-century buildings evoke the industrial era, while modern structures embody contemporary dynamism. Remnants of the East German period are also visible, adding a unique historical dimension. Innovative renovation projects transform former warehouses into modern residential spaces, establishing a symbiosis between the old and the new.

The obligation for energy renovation

It concerns all property owners, under the Building Energy Act (GEG) that came into effect in 2020 and has been revised multiple times since. It is crucial that property owners do not take the obligation lightly. In case of non-compliance, a fine of up to 50,000 euros can be imposed.

In the event of a change of ownership, the new owner is obligated to comply with the requirements of the GEG. The new owner has two years from the move-in date to carry out these renovations.

Additional rules regarding the renovation obligation during the replacement of the heating system are scheduled to take effect from 2024.

An Established and Solid Real Estate Market

Over the past decade, real estate prices in Friedrichshain have experienced a steady increase, thereby demonstrating the stability and confidence of both buyers and investors in the market. Indeed, we have seen a transition from approximately 2,800 euros per square meter to around 6,000 euros. This progression has positioned Friedrichshain as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Berlin.

A Constant Demand

Friedrichshain experiences sustained demand in the real estate market, attracting a diverse range of buyers. The demand, particularly for unoccupied residences, remains robust, with a notable housing shortage in most micro-districts of Friedrichshain. The proximity to the city center, modern amenities, and the cultural richness of the neighborhood contribute to maintaining this allure. Furthermore, Friedrichshain garners interest not only from local buyers but also from foreign investors. This persistent demand clearly indicates the neighborhood’s expanding scope, significantly enhancing the likelihood of promptly finding a buyer for your property.

 Influence of Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Friedrichshain comprises iconic clubs, eclectic bars, and dynamic festivals, playing a significant role in shaping the identity of the neighborhood. It contributes to the district’s reputation as a trendy and alternative destination. The nocturnal vibrancy stimulates real estate demand, with a pronounced preference for neighborhoods in close proximity to entertainment hotspots.

The complexity of certain regulations

The regulation of the “Milieuschutzgebiet” in Berlin aims to protect established tenants against the risks of eviction related to abrupt rent increases. Selling real estate in these areas is subject to strict rules, including the municipality’s right of first refusal, which has two months to decide whether to purchase the property.

Potential buyers must adhere to certain conditions, such as municipal approval to convert a rental property into condominiums, which is rarely granted. Renovations also require municipal approval. Selling in these areas requires a thorough understanding of the regulations and the search for suitable clients, often interested in a long-term investment strategy.

Our agency is familiar with the regulations in force in the protected sectors of Berlin. With our in-depth expertise, we have the necessary skills to effectively market your real estate property.

The evolution of prices in Friedrichshain

The Karl-Marx-Allee, an iconic avenue in Berlin, represents an architectural example of Stalinist style. It is often regarded as a symbol of East German socialism.

Over the years, Friedrichshain has been the subject of significant evolution in the real estate market, reflecting a dynamic shaped by various factors. Analyzing the price development in this Berlin neighborhood provides insight into economic and real estate transformations.

This upward trend can be attributed to several factors, including the growing demand for high-quality housing in a central area of Berlin. The types of properties that have contributed to the appreciation of the neighborhood are:

Altbau Apartments

In Friedrichshain, constructions dating from the 1900s to 1920s are the most prevalent in the real estate market. Additionally, there is a portion of Friedrichshain properties, built between 1950 and 1975, classified as historical heritage due to their cultural value and distinctive architecture. This classification plays a role in preserving the authenticity of the neighborhood. Consequently, they tend to maintain or even increase in value over time, as they are often perceived as solid and lasting investments.

Currently, the average asking price for existing properties ranges between 5,500 and 7,500 EUR/m².

New apartments

Over the past decade, the neighborhood has undergone a substantial wave of renovation. Areas that were once derelict are now occupied by stylish new constructions that seamlessly blend with the urban landscape.

New apartments in Friedrichshain often feature modern amenities, contemporary design, and enhanced energy efficiency. As a result, the average asking price for new constructions generally reaches around 9,000 EUR/m².

Nevertheless, it is crucial to bear in mind that property purchase prices can vary significantly based on various factors such as property size, condition, precise location, energy certification, and whether it is currently rented or not. For instance, renovated old apartments with modern features may command higher prices, just as there may be modern apartments available at more affordable rates.

One pivotal feature that can significantly influence the selling price of an apartment in Germany is its rental status – whether it is currently occupied or not. The German real estate market is strongly influenced by some of the most tenant-protective rental laws in Europe.

These regulations typically impose long-term lease agreements, ensuring robust tenant rights. In practice, if the apartment is already rented, this may introduce uncertainty regarding when the current tenant will vacate the premises. This uncertainty can potentially lead to a decrease in the selling price since the buyer cannot be guaranteed a specific date for occupying the apartment.

Lastly, the choice of the neighborhood, or even the micro-neighborhood, represents one of the most decisive criteria in terms of property value. Concerning Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Platz stands out as one of the most sought-after micro-neighborhoods within Friedrichshain. It is one of the most vibrant areas in Berlin, owing to its abundance of bars and restaurants, small shops, markets, and its wave of renovation over the past decades.

The Boxhagener neighborhood was designated a heritage preservation zone in 2021. In addition to this, residential areas like Samariterviertel, Stralauer Kiez, Petersburger Straße, and Weberwiese are also part of social preservation zones in Friedrichshain. This has led to a revaluation of the neighborhood, resulting in a consistent increase in property prices over the years, with demand remaining high. Thus, an individual looking to sell a property in the Boxhagener neighborhood can anticipate higher returns than in most other Berlin micro-neighborhoods. The exceptional location and excellent condition of the housing justify these price increases and ensure a positive outlook.

Steady appreciation in the medium and long term: Data indicates a consistent appreciation of real estate in Friedrichshain over the medium and long term. This signifies a significant appreciation of real estate investments over the years for property owners.

Price variation based on property characteristics: Depending on the specific nature of your property, there is a notable variation in prices. The average asking price stands at 6,000 EUR/m² for existing properties, while it reaches 9,000 EUR/m² for new constructions in Friedrichshain. This disparity reflects the diversity of the real estate market in the neighborhood, offering different prospects based on the specific characteristics of each property.

The evolution of apartment sale prices since 2010

Two-line graph illustrating the evolution of the average square meter sales prices in Berlin and Friedrichshain.


The real estate sector in Friedrichshain has witnessed continuous growth in its value over the decades. Indeed, the average price per square meter in this neighborhood has risen from 2,800 euros to 6,000 euros, marking an increase of 3,200 euros over a period of 10 years, equivalent to a progression of 114.29%. With the evolution of supply in the market not keeping pace with the rise in prices, demand remains higher. This disparity places sellers in a favorable position, thereby facilitating faster transactions.

The price range of the most significant streets and micro-districts in Friedrichshain.

DistrictSelling price range (€/m²) rentedSelling price range (€/m²) unrentedMain streetsPostal Codes
Boxhagenez Kiez€ 4,200 to € 5,500 € 5,500 to € 7,500 Krossenerstrasse
Boxhagener Strasse
Samariterkiez€ 3,500 to € 4,700 € 5,500 to € 7,500 Samariterstrasse
Dolziger Strasse
Rigaer Strasse
Eldenaer Strasse
Proskauer Strasse
Rigaer Strasse
Weberwiese Kiez€ 3,200 to € 4,600 € 5,000 to € 6,500Karl-Marx-Allee
Gubener Strasse
Fredersdorfer Strasse
Graudenzer Strasse
Strasse der Pariser Kommune
Rudolf Kiez€ 3,500 to € 4,600€ 5,100 to € 7,000Rudolfstrasse
Stralauer Allee
Südkiez€ 3,600 to € 4,400€ 5,000 to € 7,000Revaler Strasse
Neue Bahnhofstrasse
Nordkiez€ 3,700 to € 4,800€ 5,000 to € 7,500Ebertystrasse

Key figures about Friedrichshain

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The Advantages of Selling in Friedrichshain

As a resident of Friedrichshain, I particularly appreciate the creativity that permeates this neighborhood. Its dynamic atmosphere and artistic energy make it a unique place for me.

– Interview with a local resident.

Friedrichshain, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Berlin, offers unique advantages for those looking to sell their real estate. Here are some points to consider:


Green areas

Boxhagener Platz, Grünberger Str.


  • Boxhagener Platz : une place animée prisée tant par les résidents que les visiteurs. Ce lieu accueille deux marché hebdomadaires: le samedi pour les fruits, légumes et produits locaux, et le dimanche un marché aux puces. Boxhagener Platz constitue un point de rencontre populaire, offrant des espaces de repos et une ambiance détendue. Ses environs diversifiés comprennent des cafés, des boutiques et des espaces culturels, ajoutant à son attrait en tant que lieu dynamique au sein de Friedrichshain
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain: l’un des plus anciens parcs publics de Berlin, offrant des sentiers, des aires de jeux, des pelouses, et même un étang.

The Cultural Richness of Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain, an essential creative district of the capital, harbors a vibrant cultural scene that reflects urban diversity and vitality. This urban enclave significantly contributes to Berlin’s cultural life through a variety of artistic expressions and cultural events.

Visual Arts and Street Art: Friedrichshain stands out for its walls serving as canvases for artistic expressions, notably through a vibrant street art scene. The East Side Gallery, preserving a portion of the Berlin Wall, attests to this artistic commitment.

The East Side Gallery is a preserved segment of the Berlin Wall that has evolved into an iconic open-air gallery, showcasing artworks rich in historical significance and creative expression.

Alternative Cultural Spaces: Independent cultural centers, experimental galleries, and collaborative workshops contribute to the cultural richness of the neighborhood, providing a platform for emerging artists. One notable example is the RAW Gelände, a repurposed industrial site transformed into a multifunctional space housing a variety of cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities. This unique venue offers dedicated spaces for musical events, artistic performances, alternative markets, art installations, creative workshops, bars, and much more. It also hosts a popular flea market for Berliners on Sundays.

The RAW site is dedicated to intercultural projects, exhibitions, markets, and houses numerous clubs and bars (Warschauer Straße area).

Dynamic Nightlife: Friedrichshain enjoys a stellar reputation for its nightlife in Berlin, with internationally acclaimed clubs such as Berghain drawing a diverse clientele. The presence of bars, cafes, and alternative venues further enhances the diversity of the nocturnal scene.

Berghain, located in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, is one of the most famous clubs worldwide. It owes its renown to its iconic electronic music scene and exclusivity, drawing tourists from all corners of the globe.

Culinary Discovery in Friedrichshain

1990 Vegan Living: Located near Boxhagener Platz in Berlin, this Vietnamese restaurant offers a variety of delicious Tapas-Bowls for sharing. Distinguished by its use of organic, seasonal, and local ingredients, this vegan restaurant is known for its welcoming ambiance. A must-visit for vegan cuisine enthusiasts (Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin).

The Tucker Brunch Bar: Offers an Australian brunch experience with a wide selection of fresh dishes. The relaxed atmosphere and diverse menu make it a popular choice for those seeking a brunch experience in Berlin (Wühlischstraße 1, 10245 Berlin).

1990 Vegan living (Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin).

Neighborhood and Environment: The quality of life in Friedrichshain

Changing Demographics

Friedrichshain distinguishes itself through a demographic composition reflecting the diversity characterizing this part of the city. Notably marked by its youthful population, especially in the eastern segment of the neighborhood, it is often associated with an artistic and creative scene, while the older western part provides a different perspective on the district.

The continuous influx of young buyers and students has a significant impact on the local dynamics. The combination of an educated population and increasing purchasing power also influences the commercial and cultural development of the neighborhood.

Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

Friedrichshain stands out for its social diversity, attracting residents from various backgrounds. This characteristic imparts a dynamic community to the neighborhood. The social diversity translates into a tangible cultural richness, strengthening the fabric of the community.

Ideal Location

Ideally situated in the eastern part of Berlin, Friedrichshain provides quick and easy access to the city’s major attractions. Exceptional transportation connections, including subway, tram, and bus networks, facilitate travel to other neighborhoods, whether for work or leisure.

This centrality is also reflected in the proximity to iconic points of interest such as Alexanderplatz and the East Side Gallery. Residents of Friedrichshain thus enjoy a vibrant urban life, with shopping, entertainment, and dining options at their doorstep.

Future and Development

The neighborhood continues to evolve with new development and renovation projects. For instance, the most expensive construction project in Prenzlauer Berg in recent years was completed in February 2021 on Pappelallee; 240 residential units were developed and completed as part of this project.

A sample of successful sales

boxhagener apartment
  • Area: 73m²
  • Price: €395,000
  • Street: Boxhagener Straße
gabriel marx strasse
  • Area : 42m2
  • Price : € 265.000
  • Street : Gabriel-Marx- Strasse 1
sorauer strasse
  • Area : 134m2
  • Price : € 710.000
  • Street : Sorauer Straße
karl marx allee
  • Area : 57m2
  • Price : € 349.000
  • Street : Karl-Marx-Allee 113
oppelner strasse
  • Area : 73m2
  • Price : € 450.000
  • Street : Oppelner Str 32
  • Area : 61m2
  • Price : € 309.000
  • Street : Krossener Strasse 22

Choose your micro-district in Friedrichshain


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