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Niels Schnatz

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No cost for a property valuation in Hamburg

Our international team have been active the German real estate market since 2012. We will give you deep analyses and advices to sell your property at its best price. Buildings, apartments, offices, locals or land. We adapt our method to each property: commodities, transport connexion and evolutions of the local market will be analysed.

We estimate your property in Hamburg in a professional way without any costs. When it comes to sale, the agency fees will be splitted between seller and buyer. Our agents will make a precise follow-up, from the valuation or your property till the signature of the contract.

Marketing & selling strategy

The valuation of your property in Hamburg is based on our “SWOT-Analysis”. We take note of the specificities of your property and analyse its strengths and weakness, such as its opportunities and threats regarding its location. With this precise method and after analysing the datas and the documentation about your property, we are able to valuate it at its best price.

Afterwards, we elaborate together a selling strategy. Professional photographs will be organised for your property. Our agents will create a trilingual exhaustive documentation (English, German, French). According to your choice, we organise a large or targeted diffusion to our international customers.

Professional agency for valuation and sale in Hamburg

Find the right buyer today thanks to our professional and international services.

Free valuation service

After visiting your property in Hamburg, you will receive our free and complete valuation. We will give you a precise analyse of your property and will advice you on the selling strategy.

Expertise & Efficiency

We create a meaningful presentation for your property in German, French and English. Your housing in Hamburg is professionally staged by an experienced real estate photographer. We market these nationally and through our international real estate network regarding the strategy we have chosen.

Sale process & international clients

We have a broad network of experts. Whether you need a lawyer, notary, architect, appraiser or craftsman for your property in Hamburg, we have the right contact for you.

Your property will be transmitted to our international network in order to find a serious buyer and sell your property at its best price.

The best price

In the valuation of your property in Hamburg, we deliver a deep analysis and present you all the aspects that will matter for selling your property in Hamburg. Moreover, we make a regular follow-up during the whole selling process.

Shared costs for sellers

In our agency, the seller will not carry the full costs for evaluating and selling an apartment or property in Hamburg. The agency fee will be splitted between buyer and seller.

Estimate your property in Hamburg with Invest-AB

Personal meeting

To make a valuation of your property in Hamburg, we first organise a personal meeting, during which you describe us your property and your expectations as seller. We inform you about the sale process and offer you an overview of the current real estate market in Hamburg.

Give us a call to arrange the meeting.

030 40 633 051.

We are delighted to meet you!

Visit of the property

During the second stage, we make a visit in person of your property in Hamburg. We notice the state of the object and the infrastructures, acquaint with its plan and with the neighborhood. Once these data are analysed, we are able to propose you a qualitative valuation of your property, and share with you our experience of the local market.

Real estate evaluation, on the market

Afterwards, we deliver a professional estimation of your property, in compliance with the real estate market in Hamburg. It informs you about the price of your property according to the current market and its specificities. You will have all the useful informations to consider the sale of your good, by being aware of its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

You can so begin the following stages to sell your good quickly, simply, free of charges and to the best price. We are by your side in every stage of the process.

Property analyse

Finally, we propose you a thorough analysis of your property in Hamburg, on the basis of the available documentation and datas collected. The plan of the apartment as well as its possible evolutions, the protocols of the co-ownership, the construction projects etc. are gone through with a fine-tooth comb by our experts. In the case of the rented property, we analyse the current rent, the risks of renting vacancy and the perspectives of evolution for the amount of the rent.

The current datas of the market such as the comparison of similar objects have their importance in our work of analysis. You have the guarantee to receive an estimation at the best price for your good with regard to the market, in a professional and free way.

Our relation continues

Once we will have submitted you our free and professional estimation of your property in Hamburg, we can talk about a selling strategy. Our sale service adapts itself to each owner and object. Together, we develop a selling strategy and market your property in a discreet, professional and effective way. We use our international customer network to sell your property to a serious buyer and at its best price.


  • Creation of a sale file with exhaustive and qualitative presentation
  • Advertising on our English, German and French websites
  • Mobilisation of our data bank international customers
  • Newsletter & Mailings
  • Presence on the central Internet portals
  • Daily follow-up of the announcement


  • Professional photographies of your property
  • Home-Staging service


  • Elaboration of an individual selling strategy
  • Permanent followed of the potential buyers
  • Regular updated phone of the sale status
  • Coordination and organization of effective visits
  • Negotiations
  • Support until the sale (meeting at the notary)
  • Other services (mediation with craftsmen, solicitors, lawyers etc.)







When is it time to make a real estate valuation in Hamburg?

Since a decade, Germany is becoming a target of foreigner investors. As a first economical power in Europe with a growing place on the international scene, high-quality constructions and reliable tenants, Germany is seen as a safe investment. The real estate market offers affordable opportunities and has deeply experienced the evolutions of the last years. Our agents are studying the market since 2012 and are able to analyse its evolutions and growth. If you are asking yourself if it is time to make a real estate valuation of your property in Hamburg, they answer: yes, and at all levels. In March 2018, the average selling price per square meter in Hamburg was 4.100 € / m2, and it continues to grow. The story of the city, its geographical particularities and its economical advantages are compelling arguments for serious investors.

The real estate valuation of your property in Hamburg is based on its specificities (state of the object, infrastructures, neighborhood) and on the coming evolutions. A new connexion to public transportation? The opening of a new shop in the neighbourhood? Our experienced team will take note of all details highlighting your property in order to sell it at its best price. A selling price to high will scare the investors where as a selling price to low could be suspicious. Our experience in Hamburg and in Germany helps us to value your property at its best price and find a serious buyer for it.

The real estate market in Hamburg

With a population of almost 2 millions inhabitants (1.830.000 in 2017), Hamburg is the second biggest city of Germany after the capital, Berlin. Provisional studies estimate a growth of 300.000 inhabitants within 2030. Hamburg has an old and tremendous story. The roots of the city are from 808, as Charlemagne made Hamburg a bastion against external ennemies, coming from the sea. Hamburg’s harbor is the biggest in Germany and the third biggest in Europe, after Rotterdam and Antwerp. It participates to the  vigorous economy of the city. Hamburg has been able to transform itself from a historical to an innovative place, where tradition and modernity are mixed everywhere. Their alliance creates the unique charm and the international well-known of Hamburg.

The city has an important economical activity, especially regarding the employment. International firms, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter have settled offices, and attract a young and qualified workforce from all over the world. Scientific professions, such as biotechnologie and medicine are spearheads of the city. Moreover, the city is one of the most prosperous economy in Germany: the average yearly buying power in Hamburg is 43.600 € per head.

Real estate type

In 2017, Hamburg had more than a million households. The half were constituted by singles. In the city, seniors represent less than 20 % of the population, one of the lowest rate in Germany! Moreover, since a few years, the city has an important real estate activity. In 2016, almost 10,2 billions euros have been invested in real estate properties of all types (apartments, buildings or lands). It represents a growth from approximately +5 % than the year before. The city is known for its districts with very strong personalities, such as Uhlensort, Blankenese, Eppendorf and Altona. To make the best valuation of your property it is essential to know their specifies and evolutions.

The harbor city has a unique architecture, especially its brick sheds. In August 2017, the square meter selling price of households located in the most important districts of the city evolve between 3.400 and 6.900 € / m2. These selling prices can reach 7.900 € / m2 for the most luxurious goods in Hamburg.

ANSWERS to the frequently asked questions about selling a housing in Hamburg

What are the costs while selling an apartment in Hamburg?

While selling your property in Hamburg (building, apartment, office, local, lands etc) the agency fees will be splitted between buyer and seller. In Hamburg, agency fees are approximately at 6.25 % of the selling price.

While selling your property in Hamburg, they are also administrative fees. They are divided in two categories (transfer tax + notary fees with the inscription on the land register) and depends of the land in which your property is located.

  • The transfer tax (“Grunderwerbsteuer“) is approximately 4.5 % on the selling price.
  • The notary fees (“Notarkosten“) and the inscription on the land register (“Grundbucheintrag“) are approximately 2 % on the selling price.

Therefore, the administrative fees related to the sell of your apartment are approximately 6.5 % on the selling price and will be paid by the buyer.

While selling your property in Hamburg, they are additional costs at the charge of the buyer. The fees can be divided into two categories:

  • Agency fees: 50% of approximately 6.25 % on the selling price
  • Administrative fees: approximately 6.5 % on the selling price:
    • Transfer tax: 4.5 % on the selling price
    • Notary costs and inscription on the land register: 2 % on the selling price

The additional costs while selling your apartment constitute approximately 13 % on the selling price. Those fees are to be paid by the buyer.

What are the real estate market trends in Hamburg for 2019?

The real estate market trends of the harbor city are very positive for 2019. The prices have been constantly growing. Between 2016 and 2017, the average price per square meter for an apartment, have grown from + 8,5 %. Between 2013 and 2018, the average augmentation of the real estate selling price was + 41.5 %. It could had slown down the investors. In fact, the transactions in the real estate branch have grown from 1.406 million euros in 2014 to 1.607 millions in 2017! It shows the confidence of the real estate investors in Hamburg.

In 2018, the selling prices per square meter of the apartments in Hamburg were situated between 3.000 € and 6.000 € / m2 and have a global growth. Therefore, among the growing districts of the city, the selling price per square meter in Neugraben-Fischbek, approximately 2.700 € / m2, has grown from 17.4 % since 2017. Likewise, the district Hamm/Horn with an average selling price per square meter from 3.600 € and 2.900 € / m2 has grown from 9.1 % and 11.5 % since 2017. Finally, more traditional districts well-known from investors, such as Altona-Nord with a selling price per square meter of 5.000 € / m2 have also increased from 4.2 % since 2017.


The “SWOT-Analysis” constitutes the cornerstone of our professional real estate evaluation for your property in Hamburg. This process allows to calculate the key points of a property to develop the best selling strategy. Concretely, the SWOT-Analysis allows to establish the strengths and the weaknesses as well the chances as the risks of an object while estimating potential evolutions of its various points.

The strengths of a real property are for example:

  • The quality of the construction
  • An advantageous location
  • An interesting rent

The weaknesses contain:

  • Renovations to be planned
  • High monthly charges
  • Traffic noise

The chances and the risks are positive and negative changes which can take place. The chances include:

  • A ground appreciation, with the construction of a new connection to the public transportation
  • The creation of a complex of offices
  • The renovation of buildings in the neighborhood

The risks can be:

  • The infrastructure
  • The construction
  • The noise from constructions

The risks and the chances depend on the environment whereas the strengths and the weaknesses depend on the property itself in question. It is important to consider the political and economic frame which could also evolve. A SWOT-Analysis is meaningful for a real estate agent who knows exactly which are factors to be considered to allow an optimal marketing of the real property.

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Successful Sales

  • surface: 120m2
  • price: 510.000€
  • location: Wandsbek
  • surface: 30m2
  • price: 171.000€
  • location: Eimsbüttel
  • surface: 72m2
  • price: Auf Anfrage
  • location: Altona
  • surface: 200m2
  • price: 870.000€
  • location: Hamburg-Nord
  • surface: 65m2
  • price: 370.500€
  • location: Eimsbüttel
  • surface: 25m2
  • price: 100.000€
  • location: Bergedorf

Sellers’ references

  • Sam H. (Berlin & New-Zealand)

I’m so chuffed that I decided to go with a real estate agent in the end and more so feel very lucky to have worked with Jean and Niels! It was a little bit daunting having only a limited time to sell my beloved apartment and the process surrounding it but Jean took the reins like a pro and I really appreciated his warm and friendly manner. It was also really wonderful making a nice connection with the buyer and to know that the apartment was going to a good home. (Excuse the pun!) Thank you very much chaps! : )

  • Orla C. (Dublin, Ireland)

I was dealing with Jean Boudin in Invest-AB and found him and them fantastic in every way. Efficient, highly proficient, communicative and responsive. I trusted them from the moment I made contact with them and they certainly did not disappoint. I would highly recommend Jean and Invest AB personally and will work with them in the future…and I recommend you do too. You will be in good hands!

Thank you very much Jean and Invest AB, for everything.

  • Garnett B. (Manchester UK)

I met Jean and Niels from AB invest for the sale of my apartment in Berlin. They are professional and efficient. Being based in the UK, I need someone I could trust and deal with the sale. They did more than enough I would recommend Invest-AB to any overseas seller for peace of mind.

  • Laura M. (Berlin, Germany)

Very friendly team. We were able to sell our property in Charlottenburg to a French family. From the evaluation of the property through the purchase process, everything worked very well. Especially personal contact and fast communication were a very important factor for us.

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Niels Schnatz

Managing Director – AB Real Estate GmbH

For any questions on the estimation of your properties in Hamburg, we are at your disposal with professional partner. Our international team is delighted to read you.

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