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Potsdam real estate valuation and property sale

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Property valuation and selling in Potsdam

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Niels Schnatz


Free property valuation in Potsdam

Since 2012, our international team have been studying the German real estate market. In order to valuate your property at its best price, our agents will give you deep analyses and advices. Our method is adapted to all types of good: buildings, apartments, offices, locals or land.

We estimate your property in Potsdam in a professional way. As the agency fees are took in charge by the buyer, you will take advantage of a complete and free sale service. Our agents will make a precise and relgular follow-up of the process, from the valuation or your property to the signature of the selling contract.

Marketing & Selling strategy

The valuation of your property in Potsdam is based on our “SWOT-Analysis”. All relevant datas will be studied: we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your good, such as its opportunities and threats regarding its location. Moreover, we deeply analyse the documentation of your property and those regarding the local real estate market. Through this process, we are able to valuate your property at its best price.

Once we will agree on a selling price, we elaborate together a selling strategy. A professional photographer will take pictures of your housing and our agents will create a trilingual exhaustive documentation. According to the selling strategy, we organise a large or targeted diffusion of the documentation to our international customers.

Professional agency for valuation and sale in Potsdam

Find the right buyer today thanks to our professional and international services.

Free valuation service

After visiting your property in Potsdam, you will receive our free and complete valuation. We will give you a precise analyse of your property and will advice you on the selling strategy.

Expertise & Efficiency

We create a meaningful presentation for your property in German, French and English. Your housing in Potsdam is professionally staged by an experienced real estate photographer. We market these nationally and through our international real estate network regarding the strategy we have chosen.

Sale process & international clients

We have a broad network of experts. Whether you need a lawyer, notary, architect, appraiser or craftsman for your property in Potsdam, we have the right contact for you.

Your property will be transmitted to our international network in order to find a serious buyer and sell your property at its best price.

The best price

In the valuation of your property in Potsdam, we deliver a deep analysis and present you all the aspects that will matter for selling your property in Potsdam. Moreover, we make a regular follow-up during the whole selling process.

Shared costs for sellers

In our agency, the seller will not carry the costs for evaluating and selling an apartment or property in Potsdam alone. The agency fee will be splitted between buyer and seller.

Estimate your property with Invest-AB

Personal meeting

Transparence and confidence are essential to us. In order to give you a customised service, we first organise a personal meeting. You will describe your housing and your expectations as a seller. You will be informed about the selling process and adviced through an overview of the current real estate market in Potsdam.

Give us a call to arrange the meeting.

030 40 633 051.

We are delighted to meet you!

Visit of the property

Afterwards, we will organise our visit of your property in Potsdam. We will study your good and collect all informations usefull to valuate your property. The state and the layout of your housing such as the former constructions and the evolution of the rent if it is rented out, will be analysed. Furthermore, the analyse of the location of your property have its importance. The connexion to common transport and the shops near are essential to determine the selling price of your property. A comparaison with similar goods in the neighbourhood will be planed too.

Real estate evaluation, on the market

After visiting your property in Potsdam, we will study all the collected informations. We will cross these analyses to our investigations, made since 2012. We will be able to give you the best price for your housing according to these meaningfull informations and long-time analyses and projections.

The valuation of your property is totally free. You will take advantage of a complete analyse of your good to make your decision in the best conditions. As the agency fees are in charge of the buyer, even the selling process will be free for you.

Property analyse

We have create a unic model to collect and extract essential informations from the datas of your housing. This clear document helps us to communicate in a professional way our analyse on your property. You will receive this “SWOT-analysis” within the few days following our visit of your goof in Potsdam. Our international team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Our relation continues

Once we will have submitted you our free and professional estimation of your property in Potsdam, we can talk about a selling strategy. Our sale service adapts itself to each owner and object. Together, we develop a selling strategy and market your property in a discreet, professional and effective way. We use our international customer network to sell your property to a serious buyer and at its best price.


  • Creation of a sale file with exhaustive and qualitative presentation
  • Advertising on our English, German and French websites
  • Mobilisation of our data bank international customers
  • Newsletter & Mailings
  • Presence on the central Internet portals
  • Daily follow-up of the announcement


  • Professional photographies of your property
  • Home-Staging service


  • Elaboration of an individual selling strategy
  • Permanent followed of the potential buyers
  • Regular updated phone of the sale status
  • Coordination and organization of effective visits
  • Negotiations
  • Support until the sale (meeting at the notary)
  • Other services (mediation with craftsmen, solicitors, lawyers etc.)







When is it time to make a real estate valuation?

Over the last decade Germany has been targeted by foreign investors as a secure place for investments. Spearhead of the European Union, leading global economic power and major in advanced sectors such as technology, its real estate market has recently and strongly translate the new interest caused by the country. Close to the German capital, Potsdam has experienced the benefits of Berlin’s blowing real estate market. Are you expecting to sell your housing, apartment, building or land in Potsdam? Do you wish to get a complete and free valuation of your property? Our international team valuates your good in Potsdam in a professional, fast and detailled way.

Our real estate agents will be happy to answer your questions and valuate your property at its best price. Our study combines all specificities of your property and the local real estate market.

The real estate market in Potsdam

While visiting Potsdam, you will easily figure out why Prussian Kings make it their residence. The city shines beauty and attracts more and more people, investors such as new inhabitants. Currently, Potsdam has more than 175.700 inhabitants (December 2017) and experts are considering a growth from 20.000 new inhabitants since 2030. The capital of the Land of Brandenburg is located near Berlin and its 4,5 millions inhabitants, approximately 27 km as a crow flies, about 20 minutes from a train station to the other. This proximity is perfect for those combining work in Berlin and a beautiful property in Potsdam to live in. Moreover, the charm of the city comes from its numerous parks, castles and lakes, which are perfect for bathings, especially during the warm summer days. Potsdam also takes advantage of its excellent infrastructures.

According to historians, the city has been built in 1150 and became the residential property of the King Frederic II in 1660. Potsdam gradually became an economic and student city. In 2018, students represent approximately 15 % of the inhabitants. Finally, the city offers numerous attractions, such as the visit of the cinema studios “Babelsberg” or the art museum “Berberini”.

Real estate type

Potsdam takes advantage of a perfect ballence between city life and nature. Furthermore, the city has an incredible architecture diversity, which express its status of royal residence. Its historical center is composed by the new market, Italian villas and barock gardens, and of course, the “Sanssouci” castle. Other districts, such as the Dutch district are also targeted by the investors. Potsdam has its own “Brandenburger Tor”! It is one of the three city gates, the “New gate'” is near the weekly market, wich is beloved by the inhabitants.

The vacancy rate was 2.1 % in 2017. Combined with the rising population, it shows the need of new buildings. In average,  690 new constructions are built each year.

ANSWERS to the frequently asked questions while selling a housing in Leipzig

What are the costs while selling an apartment in Potsdam?

While selling your property in Potsdam (building, apartment, office, local, lands etc) the agency fees are in the charge of the buyer. In Potsdam, agency fees are approximately at 7.14% of the selling price.

While selling your property in Potsdam, they are also administrative fees. They are divided in two categories (transfer tax + notary fees with the inscription on the land register) and depends of the land in which your property is located.

  • The transfer tax (“Grunderwerbsteuer“) is approximately 6.5 % on the selling price.
  • The notary fees (“Notarkosten“) and the inscription on the land register (“Grundbucheintrag“) are approximately 2 % on the selling price.

Therefore, the administrative fees related to the sell of your apartment are approximately 8.5 % on the selling price and will be paid by the buyer.

While selling your property in Potsdam, they are additional costs at the charge of the buyer. The fees can be divided into two categories:

  • Agency fees: approximately 7.14 % on the selling price
  • Administrative fees: approximately 8.5 % on the selling price:
    • Transfer tax: 6.5 % on the selling price
    • Notary costs and inscription on the land register: 2 % on the selling price

The additional costs while selling your apartment constitute approximately 15.5 % on the selling price. Although they are not in charge of the buyer, it is still important to calculated them while making the valuation fo the property.

What are the real estate market trends in Potsdam for 2019?

The city in the south-west of Berlin has an incredibly shaped landscape. It mixes the service area (such as the Babelsberg’s studios) with high-technological enterprises and historical monuments (classified at the UNESCO world heritage). The attractivity of the high-quality life in Potsdam and its real estate market increased the population of 10 % on the last five years. In 2018, the vacancy rate was under 2 %. The city has to built new constructions and housing to answer the increasing demand, especially in the north of the city. The growth of the rent reachs new records, with 14 € / m2 / month. Moreover, the selling price per square meter of new constructions in the most asked places of Potsdam reach 7.000 € / m2 for the most luxurious of them.

Potsdam is considered as the best place to live near Berlin and its districts take advantage of the increasing demand, from investors as well from new inhabitants looking for a housing to live in. The Altbau constructions are considered as sure values with a selling price per square meter between 1.400 € and 5.800 € / m2. The selling prices per square meter of the Neubau constructions fluctuate between 2.800 € and 6.500 € / m2. The north of the city with its historical center has selling prices of 3.550 € / m2 for apartments and an average rent of 8,50 € / m2 / month. The district of Brandenburg has beautiful Altbau and Art Nouveau buildings with selling prices of approximately 2.950 € / m2 and rents of 8,70 € / m2 / month. These two districts are recommanded for investors looking for a sure investment near Berlin.


In order to present you a professional valuation of your property at its best price, our international team has build a “SWOT-Analysis”. It spreads on four domains: the strengths and weaknesses of your property such as the opportunities and threats regarding its location.

According to the two first domains, we will study the following points during our visit in Potsdam:

  • strengths: quality of the construction, advantageous location, interesting rent …
  • weaknesses: renovations to be planned, high monthly charges, traffic noise …

Morever, we will study the opportunities and risks according to the location of your good. These are external consideration:

  • opportunities: ground appreciation, with the construction of a new connection to the public transportation, creation of a complex of offices …
  • riks: infrastructure, noise from constructions …

The risks and the chances depend on the environment whereas the strengths and the weaknesses depend on the property itself in question. A SWOT-Analysis is meaningful for a real estate agent who knows exactly which are factors to be considered to allow an optimal marketing of the real property.

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Sellers’ references

  • Sam H. (Berlin & New-Zealand)

I’m so chuffed that I decided to go with a real estate agent in the end and more so feel very lucky to have worked with Jean and Niels! It was a little bit daunting having only a limited time to sell my beloved apartment and the process surrounding it but Jean took the reins like a pro and I really appreciated his warm and friendly manner. It was also really wonderful making a nice connection with the buyer and to know that the apartment was going to a good home. (Excuse the pun!) Thank you very much chaps! : )

  • Orla C. (Dublin, Ireland)

I was dealing with Jean Boudin in Invest-AB and found him and them fantastic in every way. Efficient, highly proficient, communicative and responsive. I trusted them from the moment I made contact with them and they certainly did not disappoint. I would highly recommend Jean and Invest AB personally and will work with them in the future…and I recommend you do too. You will be in good hands!

Thank you very much Jean and Invest AB, for everything.

  • Garnett B. (Manchester UK)

I met Jean and Niels from AB invest for the sale of my apartment in Berlin. They are professional and efficient. Being based in the UK, I need someone I could trust and deal with the sale. They did more than enough I would recommend Invest-AB to any overseas seller for peace of mind.

  • Laura M. (Berlin)

Very friendly team. We were able to sell our property in Charlottenburg to a French family. From the evaluation of the property through the purchase process, everything worked very well. Especially personal contact and fast communication were a very important factor for us.

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Niels Schnatz


For any questions on the estimation of your properties in Potsdam, we are at your disposal with professional partner. Our international team is delighted to read you.

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