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The property valuation of AB Real Estate GmbH is free of charge for you. We determine the market-driven maximum price of your property in Frankfurt. After a quick valuation you can sell your property successfully with us.

Marketing & sales strategy

In the event of a joint sale, our real estate experts develop a tailor-made marketing and sales strategy. The property valuation serves as a basis. Together with your wishes, we create a marketing and sales model that fits your property.

Your advantages as owner for the valuation by us


AB Real Estate GmbH consists of international real estate experts with many years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of real estate and know the Frankfurt market with all its facets.


Our claim: A unique service with know-how! We want to be your personal and professional partner at every step. We evaluate your real estate free of charge and professionally, market with too tailor-made strategy and sell your real estate in Frankfurt to the suitable buyer!


We are a Franco-German real estate agency with an international network of experts. We are proud of our networking and are happy to share our contacts with you! Whether you are a craftsman, lawyer, architect or a surveyor – we guarantee you a smooth sale.


Our experts work with the latest technologies and comprehensive analyses. We use the SWOT analysis among other things. This analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your property. So you go prepared in the sale.


The AB Real Estate GmbH sells your real estate in Frankfurt with 100% success guarantee. Afterwards we will remain there for you. The broker’s commission will be splitted between buyer and seller.

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  • location: Westend
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  • price: 180.000€
  • location: Bockenheim

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The process of real estate valuation in Frankfurt am Main

Personal meeting

A personal meeting takes place before the property valuation. We will explain the process of property valuation to you and inform you about the Frankfurt property market. You get to know us and can ask us all your questions. You also tell us about your property and your ideas. After the meeting, we’ll start the evaluation right away.

Arrange a personal meeting under: 030 40 633 050. We would also be happy to meet you directly at your property.

Visit of the object

It is very important to us not to judge your property from a piece of paper, but to get to know your property as well as possible. Therefore we visit your real estate in Frankfurt. Our experts examine the condition and location of the property.

Analysis of the property

The third step is a comprehensive analysis of your property. Various criteria and procedures play a role in the valuation. Further information on the criteria, procedures and SWOT analysis can be found below. We have the knowledge (including the insight into current market data), the experience, the handling of numbers and the feeling for trends to determine the market-driven maximum price of your property in Frankfurt.

Property valuation as the basis for individual marketing

Property valuation is the basis for the development of an individual marketing strategy. We market your property according to your wishes: offline or online, local or international, classic or discreet. We provide you with an object photographer, prepare an exposé in German, French and English and market the real estate on the well-known real estate portals and our 3 Internet presences.


  • Creation of a sale file with exhaustive and qualitative presentation
  • Advertising on our French, German and English presentation pages
  • Mobilization of our data bank international customers (existing and potential)
  • Newsletter & Mailings
  • Presence on the central Internet portals
  • Daily follow-up of the announcement


  • Professional photographies of your property
  • Home-Staging service


  • Elaboration of an individual selling strategy
  • Permanent followed of the potential buyers
  • Regular updated phone of the sale status
  • Coordination and organization of effective visits
  • Negotiations
  • Support until the sale (meeting at the notary)
  • Other services (mediation with craftsmen, solicitors, lawyers etc.)


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When does a property valuation make sense?

In a property valuation, the probable selling price achieved in the current market is determined. Knowing this value makes sense for you for various reasons:


1. Reach suitable buyers

2. Achieve the highest price in line with the market

A sales price that is too high can frighten potential buyers, while a sales price that is too low leads to a sale below value.

3. Choose the right time

A property valuation provides information as to whether this is the right time to offer your property for sale.

4. Inform banks

Banks need the market value for granting loans.

5. Calculate taxation

Taxation is based on the market value of the property.

6. Planning future investments

If you know the likely sales price, you can plan future investments better.

7. Basis for divorce and inheritance disputes

We use property valuation to create an individual marketing and sales strategy for your property.

The real estate valuation

The market value is determined in accordance with certain specifications. These are written down in the “Verordnung über die Grundsätze für die Ermittlung der Verkehrswerte von Grundstücken” (ImmoWertV for short). The following criteria are analyzed during property valuation.

-Size of the property

-the condition of the building from the outside/inside

-year of construction

-building substance

-Renovations already carried out

-the equipment of the sanitary facilities

-the technical equipment

-energy standard

-the development potential of the property

for example a removable roof blank

-Sales prices of similar objects

-Size of the property

-Condition of the land plot

-Soil reference values of the environment

-the layer (macro and micro layer)

-the development potential of the situation

-vacancy rate

-tenant perspective

-Rent per square metre

-legal framework

for example: Is the property located in a milieu protection area?

After the analysis of the individual criteria, they are put into interaction with each other. The more promising the individual points and the better the interactions, the greater the demand and the higher the prices. Your property will also be compared with similar properties that have already been sold. The price per square meter of the objects is adjusted by the unique conditions of your real estate and multiplied by the number of square meters of your object. An individual selling price is created.

Three procedures are regularly used for the determination: The comparative value, capitalized earnings value and tangible value method.

Property types

The valuation must not only take into account the criteria and comparable properties mentioned, but also the type of property. The focus of interested parties varies according to the type of property. Some types of real estate are more suitable for investment, others for own use. In the case of rented properties, factors such as the vacancy rate, tenant perspective or rent per square metre play a role. In a family-friendly terraced house, green spaces and proximity to educational institutions are more important than in a penthouse for business people. Sanitary facilities and technical equipment play a major role here.

A property valuation is therefore a complex process in which several criteria play a role and you also have to be familiar with analyses and different procedures.





Our real estate agency AB Real Estate GmbH will be happy to evaluate your property in Frankfurt! We will also be happy to assist you as a personal and professional partner in a subsequent sale.

Frankfurt – city of superlatives


Location and connection

Frankfurt am Main is located in the south of Hesse and is the centre of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Due to its location on the river and its unique skyline, the city is also called “Mainhattan”. Frankfurt convinces by its centrality and very good connection, among other things by the airport Frankfurt/Main. The airport is one of the world’s most important aviation hubs and has the highest passenger volume in Germany. The railway connections and the road network are also excellent and ensure a high number of commuters. Frankfurt am Main is the “crystallization point” of the Rhine-Main region, from which the surrounding areas benefit.



Frankfurt has 732,700 inhabitants (as of 2019), making it the largest city in Hessen. However, Frankfurt is not the capital of Hesse. The city radiates international flair and is at the pulse of time. People from more than 180 countries live in the metropolis, the largest foreign community being the Americans. The world’s largest American consulate general is located in Frankfurt. Other nationalities represented are China, India and Korea. The English and French are the most represented European nationalities in Frankfurt. Due to the diversity of the nations the city has a leading position in the European comparison. Frankfurt has a higher proportion of 1 and 2-person households than its federal state of Hesse. The percentage of inhabitants up to 39 years of age is also higher. This is partly due to the almost 60,000 students of the university town. The city on the Main has been growing by 11,200 inhabitants per year since 2011. According to the “DZ Hyp” real estate market report, population growth between 2007 and 2017 was 15%.



Frankfurt is the financial centre of Germany and the seat of the European Central Bank. The economic city is home to major international and national corporations. Among others, Commerzbank AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, Nestlé Deutschland AG and Deutsche Bundesbank have their headquarters in the city. In addition to the banking sector, the IT/software, services, logistics/industry, creative industries, chemicals, biotechnology and life sciences sectors are represented on a large scale. Diversity ensures diversity and stability in the economy. Employment rose by around 10.9% between 2013 and 2018. The unemployment rate fell by around 11% between December 2017 and December 2018 to around 4.9%. A large proportion of the employees commute to Frankfurt, about 263,900 people come to the metropolis for their work. This makes Frankfurt the No. 1 commuter city.



Frankfurt is not only an internationally important business location, but also an established university and trade fair location. This factor boosts both the economy and the attitude to life. Modernity and internationality are of paramount importance; 13 international schools such as the IFS or the Metropolitan School in Frankfurt are represented. The universities, including the FOM and the University of Applied Sciences, with their 60,000 students, also ensure an easily accessible international entry into professional life through international degrees and cooperations.



Frankfurt is increasingly becoming a popular destination for tourists. In a European comparison, Frankfurt ranks 15th among the most visited cities. In 2017, Frankfurt recorded 9.5 million overnight stays and 5.6 million guests – a new record. The city expects a perspective of 10 million visitors. The metropolis shines with its international significance and the combination of history and modernity. Tourist sites are the old Römer Town Hall, the Bartholomew Cathedral, the Goethe House or the Historical Museum, which contrast with the Maintower or Messeturm. Frankfurt combines water, the Main, green spaces such as the Frankfurt City Forest, a metropolitan feel such as the Zeil shopping arcade, outstanding cuisine as well as places for the eye such as the Fountain of Justice and a skyline that is unique in Germany.


Culture and Leisure

Frankfurt offers not only a versatile corporate culture and diverse nationalities, but also a lot in terms of leisure activities. The mix of high-rise buildings, green recreation areas, culture, sport and culinary delights makes Frankfurt a city with a unique attitude to life. Recommended places are the Grüneburgpark or the Bethmannpark with Asian orientation like the Museumsufer, where you can enjoy the day. In the evening, the Frankfurt Opera, jazz bars or comedy events are tempting. Internationalism is also lived out in the cultural scene, including international theatre and cinema. The same applies to gastronomy, a nice destination is the Kleinmarkthalle. 180 business, cultural and sports clubs are active in Frankfurt, and the night scene brings together bankers, artists and students.

Real Estate Market Report Frankfurt


Frankfurt real estate market

The real estate market in Frankfurt is flourishing and is currently one of the most attractive in Germany. More and more people are drawn to the financial centre on the Main, the number of tourists is rising and the international view of the Rhine/Main metropolis is becoming more intense. All in all, there has been a decline in supply with rising prices. According to the Property Values Expert Committee, 6,300 transactions were carried out on the entire property market in 2018. In 2016 the figure was 7,843. The forecast turnover for 2018 was 7.4 billion euros. According to the Frankfurt am Main Property Valuation Committee, residential real estate generated sales of 2733.7 million in 2018. Sales in 2017 amounted to 2938 million. In general, the price level on the residential property market has risen sharply in recent years, also because household numbers are rising steadily. Residential property prices in Frankfurt rose by around 4.2% per annum between 2007 and 2016. The average first occupancy rent in 2018 was around € 15.5/m2. In 2019 the price per square metre (rent first occupancy) will be around 16€ (+3.2%). However, the price level for owner-occupiers in relation to income is still in the middle range. Frankfurt is attractive for investors due to the increase in the value of the properties. Low interest rates, a lack of alternative investment opportunities and rising construction prices are supporting interest. Another very positive factor is the low vacancy rate of apartments. In the city of Frankfurt it is less than 0.5%, while in the federal state of Hesse it is around 4.3% (as of 2018).


Real Estate Market Report Freehold Flats Frankfurt

Condominiums are in high demand in Frankfurt. The number of sales of condominiums per 1,000 inhabitants is significantly higher than in comparable cities. The prices for condominiums have risen in recent years in all locations and stages of construction. The average price per square metre for a typical condominium in the portfolio was €5,690 in 2018, an increase of 9% on the previous year. The average price per square metre for a new condominium was €6,080 in 2018, an increase of 13.4% compared to 2017. According to the Property Valuation Committee, the average price per square metre for a condominium was €5,120 in prime locations and €7,610 in prime locations. Most sales in 2018 were made in the price segment of 5,000-7,000€, the least condominiums were sold for a price per square meter of over 7,000€ (439 sales in 2018). The trend in condominiums is towards smaller living spaces. Apartments up to 30 square meters achieve the highest prices per square meter. The price per square metre is approximately 7,431 euros per square metre. Apartments with more than 130m2 have the lowest price per square meter: 5.772€. Due to this fact, many apartments in Frankfurt are divided into smaller apartments in order to achieve higher returns and more sales. Despite high demand and limited supply, sales figures and purchase prices in Frankfurt are limited, even for new buildings. Divided into year of construction classes, properties built up to 1949 or after 2000 achieve the highest purchase prices, 5,620€/m² and 5,690€/m². The lowest purchase prices are achieved by properties built between 1950 and 1974 (3,420€/m²) or between 1975 and 1999 (3,830€/m²).


Real Estate Market Report Apartment Buildings Frankfurt

In 2018, 97 fewer transactions were carried out in the multi-family housing market than in the previous year. In 2018, 335 transactions were carried out; in 2017, there were 432 (Expert Committee for Real Estate Values Frankfurt am Main). There is a shortage of apartment buildings in Frankfurt and this type of property is in demand as a capital investment. The appreciation in value of Frankfurt’s real estate and the low vacancy rate in the metropolis promise high returns and regular rental income. The yield factor of multi-family houses is 26 times the annual gross yield in simple to upscale locations and 37 times the annual gross yield in very good locations. Between 2005 and 2018, rents for new apartments rose by 52% and for existing apartments by 40%. Due to the high demand, multi-family houses are increasingly being built. The price per square metre for building land is around €1,480 (Expert Committee for Real Estate Value Frankfurt am Main). Approximately 84% of the apartments built each year are in multi-family houses.


Real Estate Market Report Own Homes Frankfurt

In 2018, 91 fewer transactions than in the previous year took place on the market for owner-occupied homes in Frankfurt; the number of transactions declined for both existing and new properties. The lower turnover in 2018 is also due to this fact. Between 2005 and 2018, prices for a home of one’s own rose by more than 30%. The increase in value for a terraced house is +34-38%, for a single-family house property +32%. In Frankfurt, a terraced house can be purchased for around 400,000 euros, a detached single-family house for around 790,000 euros. The average price per square metre for building land is €660 (Expert Committee for Real Estate Prices Frankfurt am Main). The prices on the market for owner-occupied homes are on average in relation to the income of Frankfurters. Approximately 10.3 times the annual income must be invested in residential property in Frankfurt, the value is 0.1 times lower in comparable cities (as of 2016).


Real Estate Report Commercial Real Estate Frankfurt

In 2018, significantly fewer transactions were carried out in the commercial real estate market. While there were 209 transactions in 2017, there were only 171 in 2018. However, more turnover was achieved than in the previous year: 3,476.3 million euros in 2017 compared with 3,488.9 million euros in 2018. According to the “DzHyp” real estate market report, the share of major transactions (purchase prices greater than 10 million euros) amounts to 94% of the total commercial turnover. The sector most in demand was the office sector, which accounted for 75% of sales. The office sector is also in such high demand because office employment in Frankfurt is rising almost four times as fast as office space. The high demand makes Frankfurt the most expensive German office market. In the better locations, rents are rising while yields are falling. While the peak rent in 2017 was 38.5€/m2 and in 2018 39.5€ per square metre, the price per square metre in 2019 was around 40.5€ (+2.5%). The office market is supported by the positive economic development in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, relocations due to the brexite and the coworking trend. Prices in the retail sector are also rising, although they are falling in other cities due to online competition. The advantages of Frankfurt are its positive growth figures and increasing tourism. Compared to other German cities, Frankfurt ranks first in terms of pedestrian frequency and between 1997 and 2017 there was a 177% increase in overnight stays. In 2019, the top rent in the retail sector is around 300€/m2 – an increase of 40% between 2007 and 2017 (DzHyp).


New building Frankfurt

In relation to the number of inhabitants, Frankfurt, together with Munich, is at the forefront of new construction, although more units are being built in other cities. Between the years 2007-2017 there was an increase of 64,000 households in Frankfurt, the cumulated completion of housing in these years is 29,000 (housing market report DzHyp). Each year, around 2,600 apartments are built in Frankfurt, a figure of 3,127 new units in comparable cities. Most apartments are built in apartment buildings. Between 2005 and 2017, prices for new buildings rose by about 71%. Rents for new buildings in 2019 are approximately 14.8€/m2 (inventory 12€/m2). In very good locations the rental prices can amount up to 21€/m2 (stock 19€/m2). A positive increase in value can also be expected in the future due to the high demand due to the increasing number of inhabitants.

Top locations Frankfurt


Districts Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is an urban area and is divided into several units. The highest unit is the local districts. Frankfurt has 16 districts, which in turn comprise districts. However, parts of the districts can also belong to different districts. There are 46 districts in Frankfurt. The next smaller units are the city districts, of which there are 124, followed by the constituencies. The districts have no administrative or political function, but the local and urban districts do.


Property prices in Gutleutviertel/Gallusviertel and Europaviertel

The Gutleutviertel is known as an up-and-coming quarter for its excellent cuisine and a lively bar scene. The quarter lies on the river and offers cycling and jogging routes such as the Sommerhoffpark. The converted harbour buildings give the quarter an industrial charm. The Westhafen (western harbour) provided an upgrading of the quarter through the possibility of upscale living on the Main. At the moment the quarter has the rating AAA. The adjacent Gallusviertel (AA rating) was formerly an industrial district and is now an upscale residential and working district. The district is characterised by cultural places and the combination of older residential buildings and modern office buildings. The Europaviertel is located in the Gallusviertel and is a new and ultra-modern quarter as well as one of the largest inner-city construction projects in Germany. The three quarters are among the absolute top locations. In the Europaviertel, the average price for a new condominium is around €7,000/m2 (Frankfurt am Main Committee of Experts on Real Estate Values). In Gutleutviertel and Gallusviertel, the selling price of new condominiums is around €6,600/m2.


Real estate prices in the Altstadt and Innenstadt

The old and inner city is a tourist magnet and popular for cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, the town hall Römer and the Renaissance frescoes. There are also more apartments to be found in the eastern part of the old town. The city centre is famous for the Zeil shopping arcade, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, high office use, restaurants and clubs. In the inner-city locations, new condominium apartments with prices in excess of € 6,500/m2 are traded (Gutachterausschuss Immobilienwerte Frankfurt am Main). The prices in the city centre are about 7.000€/m2.


Real estate prices in Bockenheim

Bockenheim offers the lively Leipziger Straße as well as quiet resorts like the Rebstockpark. The quarter is very lively with upscale residential areas and a student milieu as well as old-established families. The quarter achieves above-average purchase prices of approximately 5,500€/m2. Construction is increasing in Bockenheim, and in recent years around 50 projects have been completed or are under construction/planning. In the southern part, the Rebstock development area was created, and here, too, there is a great demand. Prices are developing positively.


Property prices in Westend/Nordend

Westend shines with old Wilhelminian style facades, upscale households and high-ranking companies. The quarter is known as the “single stronghold”. Science is also represented in many ways, including by the Senckenberg Museum. The Nordend gathers the German National Library, the new Police Headquarters and the Hessischer Rundfunk. The upscale quarter combines silence in Bethmannpark, education and the finest cuisine. In the Westend, one finds high purchase prices due to the splendid pre-war buildings, which on average amount to 9,200€/m2. The average price in Nordend is 6.200,-€/m² (expert committee for real estate values). Also the new building prices are highest here with 7.400€/m2. The rents for new buildings are 17.4€/m2. Demand for real estate in the districts is very high, supply very low.


Property prices in Bornheim/Ostend

Bornheim convinces with its village character, Berger Strasse enchants with shops, cafés and the farmers’ market. The area offers jazz and comedy events as well as historical architecture. The Ostend convinces with its mixture of city, Main and green spaces such as the Hafenpark. The area offers cultural events andinternational restaurants. In recent years Bornheim has been further upgraded without losing its charming style. The Ostend is also becoming more and more popular, especially among young people, and is being developed further. The new headquarters of the European Central Bank was also established here, and the rating for the quarter is AAA (Handelsblatt).

Real estate trends Frankfurt 2019


Development of real estate prices in Frankfurt

Due to the positive growth figures, rising tourism and interest in the Frankfurt real estate and economic market, further increases in the value of the real estate market are to be expected. By 2035, Frankfurt is expected to gain around 107,500 inhabitants and 80,000 households. Prices should rise in the commercial sector in particular, as Frankfurt can score particularly well with large-volume office properties compared to other cities. These are particularly in demand among investors, both local and international. Particularly Asian investors are interested in the Main metropolis and provide for price increases in the surrounding countryside, which is avoided. In the retail sector, Frankfurt has the highest pedestrian frequency in Germany and the rising number of tourists. According to “DzHyp”, however, the top rent here will initially remain at €300 per square metre.


New building development Frankfurt 2019

New construction in Frankfurt is being driven forward by rising households and increased office employment. However, the demand can hardly be met. Multi-family houses are particularly attractive due to investor demand. The trend is towards smaller apartments, as these achieve the highest prices per square metre. According to Handelsblatt, the demand for apartments for 1-2 persons is highest in downtown locations. Moreover, the supply of family-friendly apartments is currently too low. According to the Expert Committee for Real Estate Values, increased efforts are needed to develop residential/construction space, as building land is scarce in Frankfurt. In addition, the construction costs are very high and hinder a brisk new construction and the development of cheap housing. In addition, undeveloped land could be taxed more heavily so that it can be put on the market and developed more quickly (FAZ). New construction projects in Frankfurt am Main include the highest German residential tower “Grand Tower” and the “Ensemble Four”, which will be located on the Deutsche-Bahn-Dreieck. Zeil is also being built on the shopping mile, where the new “UpperZeil” building is being built. The shopping centre “MyZeil” is comprehensively modernised. The FAZ will move its headquarters to the Europaviertel in 2021.



The rent brake is to be tightened in Frankfurt am Main. Until now, the rule has been that rents for re-letting may not exceed the local comparative rent by more than 10%. This regulation expires in June 2019, but the rent brake is to be extended. It remains to be seen whether the areas of Bergen-Enkheim, Eckenheim, Hausen, Nieder-Erlenbach, Praunheim and Sindlingen will also be affected by the scheme or not.


Special feature: Milieu protected areas

In Frankfurt, the Milieuschutzgesetz applies in some areas. In affected areas, the city may take measures after approval by the city council by the building supervisory authority. In the areas, for example, luxury modernizations are prohibited. In addition, no apartments may be demolished and used as offices. Also, apartments may not be given an area larger than 130m2 by merging with other apartments. In some cases, the city may exercise its right of first refusal. However, conversions into freehold flats and vacancies are not prohibited in Frankfurt, as there is no ban on misappropriation of the entire city and the reservation of conversion in milieu protection areas. On 4 October 2018, six further areas were declared protected milieu areas. The new areas include parts of Nordend-Süd, Nordend-Mitte, Ostend, Bornheim, Sachsenhausen-Nord and Gutleutviertel. The housing policy in Frankfurt provides for the construction of new affordable apartments and the protection of existing affordable rental apartments. In the city centre, the old town and in Westend III, the statute procedures were discontinued. Although there was pressure to revalue, the housing stock to be protected was considered to be too small, and large parts of the housing stock in Westend had already been renovated. Further possibilities must therefore be found to protect the original population from displacement.


Real estate valuation and sale in the Milieuschutzgebiet (nature reserve)

Our real estate agency will be pleased to inform you about the protected milieu areas in Frankfurt am Main. We know about the regulations in the milieu protection areas and develop suitable sales strategies for your property in the milieu protection area.

Sources: Handelsblatt, Sueddeutsche, Planethome 2017/2018, DZHYP Immobilienmarkt Deutschland 2018/2019, Gutachterausschuss für Immobilienwerte Frankfurt am Main, metropolnews.info, FAZ, Frankfurt.de, Wikipedia, frankfurt-zoom.de, Merkurist

Comparative value method

The comparative value procedure is a procedure in which your property is compared with similar properties that have already been sold. The average selling square metre price of the other properties is taken as the starting point. This is adjusted by surcharges and discounts according to the individual conditions of your property and multiplied by the number of square metres of your property.

Capitalized earnings value method

In the capitalised earnings value method, the land and the buildings are valued separately. The formula of the procedure is: Yield value=land value+building yield value of the buildings. The building yield value is the gross profit (annual rent / normal rent) less management costs (maintenance, administration, etc.). After this first deduction you get the net yield of the property. If the land value interest rate is subtracted (land value x property interest rate), the net yield of the building is obtained. To get to the building yield value, you have to multiply it by the multiplier. The multiplier is derived from the remaining useful life and the real estate interest rate. The real estate interest rate reflects the future expectations of market participants.

Material value method

As with the capitalised earnings value method, the land value and the value of the buildings are also determined separately in the tangible value method. In the real value method, the land value and the value of the buildings are determined separately. The initial question of this process is: What does it cost to produce the buildings today? The values then determined are subtracted from the reduction in age value and adjusted to the current real estate market. Guidelines for the tangible asset method are set out under “Normal manufacturing costs” under “Status 2010/Normal manufacturing costs 2010” in the “Guidelines for determining the tangible asset”.


We determine the market-driven maximum price using the comparative value method and comprehensive analyses. One of these analyses is the SWOT analysis. This is otherwise applied to companies. Your property is also a small company that is expensive, complex and unique.

The SWOT analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the property. Through the knowledge of these, the selling price can be accurately determined and you go prepared in the sale.

Once strengths (“strenghts”), weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been identified, they interact with each other. This shows how strengths and opportunities can be strengthened and weaknesses and risks can be reduced.

Its strengths are, for example, a secure tenant structure, a good building fabric or a popular location. Weak points are high ancillary costs, the need for renovation and traffic noise. Opportunities are a possible upgrading of the area, for example through a new transport connection. One risk is the dismantling of the infrastructure or an upward age shift. Risks and opportunities are environmental factors, strengths and weaknesses object and environmental factors. Political and legal conditions can influence the pros and cons of your property. For example, protected milieu areas or the rent brake are taken into account in the SWOT analysis.

Through the SWOT analysis, we and you get to know your property as closely as possible. This creates concrete ideas and transparency. It also strengthens trust between all parties: You, us and the buyer, whom we can reach through targeted marketing and can clarify all points.

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