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The property valuation of AB Real Estate GmbH is free of charge for you. We determine the market-driven maximum price of your property in Düsseldorf. After a quick valuation you can sell your property successfully with us.

Marketing & sales strategy

In the event of a joint sale, our real estate experts develop a tailor-made marketing and sales strategy. The property valuation serves as a basis. Together with your wishes, we create a marketing and sales model that fits your property.

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AB Real Estate GmbH consists of international real estate experts with many years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of real estate and know the Düsseldorf market with all its facets.


Our claim: A unique service with know-how! We want to be your personal and professional partner at every step. We evaluate your real estate free of charge and professionally, market with too tailor-made strategy and sell your real estate in Düsseldorf to the suitable buyer!


We are a Franco-German real estate agency with an international network of experts. We are proud of our networking and are happy to share our contacts with you! Whether you are a craftsman, lawyer, architect or a surveyor – we guarantee you a smooth sale.


Our experts work with the latest technologies and comprehensive analyses. We use the SWOT analysis among other things. This analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your property. So you go prepared in the sale.


The AB Real Estate GmbH sells your real estate in Düsseldorf with 100% success guarantee. Afterwards we will remain there for you. The broker’s commission will be shared by buyer and seller.

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The process of real estate valuation in Düsseldorf

Personal meeting

A personal meeting takes place before the property valuation. We will explain the process of property valuation to you and inform you about the Düsseldorf property market. You get to know us and can ask us all your questions. You also tell us about your property and your ideas. After the meeting, we’ll start the evaluation right away.

Arrange a personal meeting under: 030 40 633 050. We would also be happy to meet you directly at your property.

Visit of the object

It is very important to us not to judge your property from a piece of paper, but to get to know your property as well as possible. Therefore we visit your real estate in Düsseldorf. Our experts examine the condition and location of the property.

Analysis of the property

The third step is a comprehensive analysis of your property. Various criteria and procedures play a role in the valuation. Further information on the criteria, procedures and SWOT analysis can be found below. We have the knowledge (including the insight into current market data), the experience, the handling of numbers and the feeling for trends to determine the market-driven maximum price of your property in Düsseldorf.

Property valuation as the basis for individual marketing

Property valuation is the basis for the development of an individual marketing strategy. We market your property according to your wishes: offline or online, local or international, classic or discreet. We provide you with an object photographer, prepare an exposé in German, French and English and market the real estate on the well-known real estate portals and our 3 Internet presences.


  • Creation of a sale file with exhaustive and qualitative presentation
  • Advertising on our French, German and English presentation pages
  • Mobilization of our data bank international customers (existing and potential)
  • Newsletter & Mailings
  • Presence on the central Internet portals
  • Daily follow-up of the announcement


  • Professional photographies of your property
  • Home-Staging service


  • Elaboration of an individual selling strategy
  • Permanent followed of the potential buyers
  • Regular updated phone of the sale status
  • Coordination and organization of effective visits
  • Negotiations
  • Support until the sale (meeting at the notary)
  • Other services (mediation with craftsmen, solicitors, lawyers etc.)


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When does a property valuation make sense?

In a property valuation, the probable selling price achieved in the current market is determined. Knowing this value makes sense for you for various reasons:


1. Reach suitable buyers

2. Achieve the highest price in line with the market

A sales price that is too high can frighten potential buyers, while a sales price that is too low leads to a sale below value.

3. Choose the right time

A property valuation provides information as to whether this is the right time to offer your property for sale.

4. Inform banks

Banks need the market value for granting loans.

5. Calculate taxation

Taxation is based on the market value of the property.

6. Planning future investments

If you know the likely sales price, you can plan future investments better.

7. Basis for divorce and inheritance disputes

We use property valuation to create an individual marketing and sales strategy for your property.

The real estate valuation

The market value is determined in accordance with certain specifications. These are written down in the “Verordnung über die Grundsätze für die Ermittlung der Verkehrswerte von Grundstücken” (ImmoWertV for short). The following criteria are analyzed during property valuation.

-Size of the property

-the condition of the building from the outside/inside

-year of construction

-building substance

-Renovations already carried out

-the equipment of the sanitary facilities

-the technical equipment

-energy standard

-the development potential of the property

for example a removable roof blank

-Sales prices of similar objects

-Size of the property

-Condition of the land plot

-Soil reference values of the environment

-the layer (macro and micro layer)

-the development potential of the situation

-vacancy rate

-tenant perspective

-Rent per square metre

-legal framework

for example: Is the property located in a milieu protection area?

After the analysis of the individual criteria, they are put into interaction with each other. The more promising the individual points and the better the interactions, the greater the demand and the higher the prices. Your property will also be compared with similar properties that have already been sold. The price per square meter of the objects is adjusted by the unique conditions of your real estate and multiplied by the number of square meters of your object. An individual selling price is created.

Three procedures are regularly used for the determination: The comparative value, capitalized earnings value and tangible value method.

Property types

The valuation must not only take into account the criteria and comparable properties mentioned, but also the type of property. The focus of interested parties varies according to the type of property. Some types of real estate are more suitable for investment, others for own use. In the case of rented properties, factors such as the vacancy rate, tenant perspective or rent per square metre play a role. In a family-friendly terraced house, green spaces and proximity to educational institutions are more important than in a penthouse for business people. Sanitary facilities and technical equipment play a major role here.

A property valuation is therefore a complex process in which several criteria play a role and you also have to be familiar with analyses and different procedures.





Our real estate agency AB Real Estate GmbH will be happy to evaluate your property in Düsseldorf! We will also be happy to assist you as a personal and professional partner in a subsequent sale.

Düsseldorf – the trend city worth living in


Location and connection

Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The independent city is located in the west of Germany on the Rhine and is the official seat of the administrative district of Düsseldorf. It is part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. The city is very well connected. Düsseldorf Airport is the intercontinental hub of North Rhine-Westphalia. The airport offers 70 different airlines and access to 200 destinations worldwide. Düsseldorf can be easily reached via the A44, A52, A46, A59 as well as the A57 and A3. The city has two ICE long-distance stations and 25 S-Bahn stations. Düsseldorf also has several Rhine ports.


After Cologne, Düsseldorf is the second largest city in the federal state and the seventh largest city in Germany. The city has 619,651 inhabitants. 10 million people live in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. 30.3% of the inhabitants are between 30-50 years old (Amt für Statistik und Wahlen Düsseldorf, 2017). There are relatively many people from East Asia living in Düsseldorf, which is why there is a Japanese community in Düsseldorf. In 2017 there were 145,094 residents of Düsseldorf of foreign origin (Amt für Statistik und Wahlen Düsseldorf, 2017). In Düsseldorf many people live in a 1-person household. On average, 1.7 people live in one household. 47% of Düsseldorfers were single in 2017. Within five years Düsseldorf has registered 29,000 new citizens (RP Online).


The state capital is an important business location and is also known as a “media city”. Düsseldorf benefits from its location, international connections, industry diversity and extremely high quality of life. Due to its location, the city is the focal point of the central European economic area. The trade fair city is home to important companies such as Henkel, E.ON, Metro, Vodafone and Vonovia. The city has the largest turnover in Germany in the fields of management consultancy, legal advice, auditing, clothing fashion and advertising. After Greater London and Paris – Ille de France, the city is the most important European location for foreign direct investment. According to the commercial real estate service provider “Colliers”, the unemployment rate is 6.9%; the per capita disposable income in Düsseldorf is 27,137 euros.


The business, trade fair, fashion and media city shines with 22 universities. The Heinrich Heine University and the Academy of Fine Arts are among the most prestigious. With 46,000 students, Düsseldorf is the twelfth largest university location in Germany. In the summer and winter semester of 2017, 3,766 students passed their examinations at Heinrich Heine University. Düsseldorf offers 91 primary schools, 23 grammar schools (as of October 2017), an adult education centre and several municipal libraries. Düsseldorf offers a large number of international schools, including the Greek Gymnasium, the Internation School Düsseldorf e.V. and the Japanische Internationale Schule e.V. In 2017, 2,335 pupils reached the university entrance qualification (Amt für Statistik und Wahlen Düsseldorf).


Düsseldorf attracts with its reputation as a fashion city, its location on the Rhine and the world-famous carnival. The city offers a beautiful old town, modern quarters, shopping, green spaces and a lively pub scene. The old town is also known as the “longest bar in the world”. In 2018, more tourists than ever before visited a city in the west. The carnival provided 336,500 overnight stays in February 2018, an increase of 7% on the previous year. 1.26 million tourists visited the state capital in the summer. In 2017, 4.8 million overnight stays were recorded in Düsseldorf. Most of the tourists came from the Gulf States, with visitors from the United Kingdom occupying second place. The summer climate in Düsseldorf is particularly appreciated by tourists from the Gulf states. For visitors from the immediate vicinity, North Rhine-Westphalia is an ideal short trip destination, for example for a bicycle trip.

Culture and Leisure

Düsseldorf inspires with a high quality of life. In a study by Mercer, Düsseldorf ranked 6th worldwide (!) in terms of quality of life. The city convinces through its economic strength and diversity and the many leisure offers. The city is also visually appealing: the Rhine lures on warm summer evenings, for water sports or walks. The many bridges characterize the cityscape. Düsseldorf impresses with its many green spaces, which is why the city is also called “Garden City”. 1,238 hectares invite you to relax or do sports. The city itself offers both old and new neighborhoods. The old town itself is the bustling centre. In Düsseldorf you can enjoy the North Rhine-Westphalian way of life: be it the famous “Kölsch”, Printen or asparagus. Recommended restaurants are the “Hase und Igel” by Stefan Marquard, the “Finns Wine & Kitchen” or the “Massi”. The kilos can be trained in 369 clubs, in which popular sport is practiced. Fortuna Düsseldorf and the ice hockey team “Düsseldorfer EG” are particularly well known. On weekends you can drive to one of the many castles in the area, such as Benrath Castle. In the evening the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, the theatre “Capitol” or the Deutsche Oper am Rhein entertain.

Real Estate Market Report Düsseldorf


Real Estate Market Report Düsseldorf 2019

The real estate market in Düsseldorf is flourishing. The supply of real estate is very limited, while demand is high due to the strong economy, low interest rates and extremely high quality of life. International and national investors are interested in the crystallization point of the European economy. Prices are rising particularly in the lower and middle segment and for new condominiums due to the dense population of the city, which has little building land available. The low supply, especially of owner-occupied homes, explains the reduced number of purchase cases in the first half of 2018, approximately 2,000 cases, a minus of 10%. Due to the higher prices, however, sales increased by 24% compared to the previous year and amounted to around 2,250 million euros (expert committee for real estate values Düsseldorf). Due to the current real estate situation, more construction projects are approved. The annual need for new construction is around 3,000 apartments, but rented housing in particular is not lagging behind.


Real Estate Market Report Condominiums Düsseldorf

The market for condominiums is booming due to the current real estate situation in Düsseldorf and is benefiting most from it. Demand is very high with low supply, which is why prices are rising significantly. A condominium in a very good location costs 6,000-9,500 euros per square meter in first sale and 4,300-6,800 euros in resale. In a good location, the prices per square metre are 4,800-7,000 and 3,400-6,800 euros respectively. In the middle location, the square metre prices are 3,500-5,100 and 2,400-3,600 euros. There is a smaller supply of new condominiums in simple locations. Existing condominiums have a price per square metre of 1,700-2,500 euros. In Düsseldorf, most post-war buildings were sold in the first half of 2018, a total of 927, followed by new buildings (276 sales). In 2018 161 pre-war buildings (until 1947) were sold. The purchase price range for pre-war buildings was 1,600-5,700 euros per square metre (rising by 5%), for post-war buildings 1,700-4,100 euros per square metre (rising by 5%). For new buildings, the price range was 4,200-7,600 euros per square metre of selling price (rising by 10%) (Gutachterausschuss für Immobilienwerte Düsseldorf). The most expensive condominiums are near the Rhine, where the purchase price threshold of 9,500 euros per square metre has already been reached (market report HypoVereinsbank 2017). Penthouses and luxury apartments can achieve even higher prices per square metre and are very much in demand in Düsseldorf. Medium-sized flats and lower prices per square metre are also very saleable. Demand on the existing real estate market was therefore very high, which is why some prices here rose more than in new construction. Due to the increase in building permits, a larger supply of condominiums is expected in the future.


Real Estate Market Report Multiple Family Houses Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf has an 80% share of tenants. Despite the high proportion, the demand for rental apartments is very high. Investors see Düsseldorf as a stable location. The rental prices for a new rental are between 14-18,50€/m2 in a very good location, 12-14,50€/m2 in a good location, 9-12,50€/m2 in a medium location and 8-9,50€/m2 in a simple location. Rents have increased significantly recently. The core price in a good location has risen by 35% since 2010 (HypoVereinsbank Market Report 2017). New construction projects and existing properties in inner city locations are particularly sought-after. In addition, small and large apartments are more expensive than medium sized apartments. The drifting apart of rents and purchase prices is problematic, as this leads to low yields.


Real Estate Market Report Own Home Düsseldorf

The supply of owner-occupied homes and building land for owner-occupied homes is very limited in Düsseldorf. The supply is not only limited, but decreases, which causes prices to rise. In the 1st half of 2018, 270 detached and semi-detached houses were sold. During this period, prices for detached and semi-detached houses ranged from 290,000 to 1,700,000 (rising by 10%). Subdivided into locations and new construction properties up to 10 years, you can buy a single-family house in a very good location from 900,000 euros, in good location the prices are 660,000-900,000. The purchase price range for medium location ranges between 525,000-680,000 euros. In the first half of 2018, 109 terraced houses were sold for 260,000-760,000 euros (increasing by 10%). New terraced houses cost between 600,000 and 1,200,000 euros. However, only 15 shares were sold (expert committee for real estate values Düsseldorf). New terraced houses in a good location cost 560,000-750,000 euros, a terraced house in a medium location costs 470,000-580,000 euros to acquire, new terraced houses in a simple location have a purchase price range of 350,000-440,000 euros (HypoVereinsbank Real Estate Market Report 2017).


Real Estate Market Report Commercial Düsseldorf

Commercial real estate is in great demand in the business, trade fair and media city. Foreign investors are particularly interested in the commercial real estate market in Düsseldorf. Most investors come from France, Great Britain and the USA. Buyers from Asian countries and Israel are also interested. In 2017, 2.74 billion euros were invested in the market. An increase of 26% over the previous year. 80% of the transaction volume is invested in office properties (Office and Investment Market Report Colliers 2017/18). Particular investments are being made in the city centre and the north of Düsseldorf. In the first half of 2018, 22 office and commercial buildings were sold; the purchase price range was 4,200,000-56,800,000 (rising by 5%). In Düsseldorf, 9 commercial and industrial properties were also sold for 410,000 to 3,600,000 euros in the first half of ’18 (Düsseldorf Property Valuation Committee). The peak rent in 2017 was 27€/m2 (+2% year-on-year), the average rent was 15.40€/m2 (+4% year-on-year). The prime yield was 3.75%. The vacancy rate fell by 0.5% to 7%. In 2017 there were 450 new space occupancies (office and investment market report Colliers 2017/18).


Real Estate Market Report New Building Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the six most densely populated cities in Germany. Therefore, there is little building land available. Demand is high and 8% more purchase contracts were signed in the first half of 2018 than in the previous year. Most plots are sold for detached and semi-detached houses, followed by plots for multi-family houses. Prices are high due to scarce supply and high demand plus higher sales figures. Sales in the first half of 2018 rose by 148% (!) compared with the first half of 2017 (Düsseldorf Committee of Experts on Real Estate Values). In good locations building plots can only be found on the outskirts for less than 1.000€/m2. Building land for new homes up to 10 years costs 1.000-2.100€/m2 in very good locations, 740-1.100€/m2 in good locations and 660-800€ per square meter in medium locations. In a simple location, the price per square metre for a new home is EUR 460-670 (HypoVereinsbank Real Estate Market Report 2017). Due to the current real estate situation, the construction of new buildings is constantly being pushed forward. In 2016, 1,187 rental apartments were completed – most of them in this millennium (HypoVereinsbank Real Estate Market Report 2017). Around 79,000 m2 of office space was completed in 2018. 75% of these were already pre-let. The value is 50,000 square metres in 2019 with 50% pre-letting or own use. The focus of the new office building is on the harbour and the city centre (office and investment market report Colliers 2017/18). In the case of condominiums, the inner city and the district on the left bank of the Rhine are sought-after. In addition, 600 subsidised housing units are to be built each year. As a result of the construction projects, some neighbourhoods, such as the former Bilk and Flingern working-class districts, have become popular places in which projects are very popular.

Top locations Düsseldorf


City division Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is divided into 10 city districts. In contrast to most cities, the city districts do not bear names, but the numbers 1 to 10. In addition, the city is divided into 50 districts. This classification has been in effect since 1975. In the following, we present some of the absolute top locations in Düsseldorf.



Düsseldorf’s old town is part of district 1 and has a population of 2,244 (as of 2016). It is also known as the longest bar in the world and is known for its many pubs, restaurants, shopping and clubs. The old town also offers access to the Rhine. The art collection of Nordrhein-Westphalen K20 is also located here. The prices per square metre for a condominium are between 3,500 and 11,000 euros per square metre. A new condominium apartment can be purchased from 6,000 euros per square metre. New houses cost at least 1.5 million, existing houses can be bought from 950,000 euros. The rents in the old town are 13.75 euros per square metre (existing) and 20.09 euros per square metre (new).



Karlstadt is also located in the city district 1. 2,588 inhabitants live in the district (as of 2016). The district is very lively and offers among other things an open air market. The area is enchanting with cobblestone streets, boutiques and art. On view at the exhibition house “Kunst im Tunnel”, among others. The prices per square metre for a condominium are between 3,500 and 11,000 euros per square metre. A new condominium apartment can be purchased from 6,000 euros per square metre. New houses cost at least 1.5 million, existing houses can be bought from 950,000 euros. The rents in Karlstadt are 13.08 euros per square metre (existing) and 12.31 euros per square metre (new).



The top location Oberkassel is located in district 4 and accommodates 18,840 inhabitants (as of 2016). The district is centrally located and offers a lot of greenery like the proximity to the Rhine. The Rheinkirmes takes place annually on the Rhine meadows. In the district, the buildings from the early 20th century, designer boutiques and the finest culinary delights shine in particular. The prices per square metre for a condominium are between 3,500 and 11,000 euros per square metre. A new condominium apartment can be purchased from 6,000 euros per square metre. New houses cost at least 1.5 million, existing houses can be bought from 950,000 euros. The rent in the existing building is 13.73 euros per square metre, in the new building 15.87 euros per square metre.



Ludenberg is located in district 7 and has 8,079 inhabitants (as of 2016). The district is particularly green and quiet. 60% of the area is covered with forest. Ludenberg is home to the racecourse, the wildlife park, many villas and tennis courts. The prices per square metre for an apartment range between 2,400-3,800 euros (new) and 1,800-3,300 euros (existing). Houses in Ludenberg cost up to 1.2 million euros (new) and 900,000 euros (existing). The rents in Ludenberg are 10.52 euros per square meter in the new building segment and 12.31 euros per square meter in the existing building segment.



The district Kaiserwerth is located in district 5 and has 8,112 inhabitants (as of 2016). The district is particularly popular for its tranquillity and village atmosphere. The ruins of the imperial palace are well known and offer a panoramic view. The area enchants with cobblestone streets, baroque buildings or the market. An apartment has a price per square metre of up to 6,000 euros per square metre (new) and up to 5,300 euros per square metre in stock. Houses in Kaiserwerth can be purchased from 600,000 euros in new construction. Existing houses can be bought from 500,000 euros. The rental prices are 11.61 euros per square metre (existing) and 12.31 euros per square metre (new).



The Golzheim district is known for many things. As a fashion, trade fair, university, consulate and administrative location. It is located in the city district 1 and has 12,702 inhabitants as of 2016. The district is close to the Rhine and offers, among other things, the Rheinpark or Nordpark, where the Japanese Garden is located. The district is also close to the city centre and a sought-after office location. Due to its importance as a location, many hotels and restaurants have settled in Golzheim. There are many villas in Golzheim. A condominium has a price per square metre of 3,000-6,000 euros per square metre (new) and 2,500-5,300 euros per square metre (existing). Houses can be purchased from 600,000 euros in new construction. Houses in the portfolio cost between 500,000 and 1.8 million euros. The rents are 12.61 euros per square metre for existing buildings and 14.04 euros per square metre for new buildings.



Grafenberg is located in district 7 and has a population of 5,832 by 2016. The area offers plenty of woodland, tennis courts, tranquillity and the Staufenplatz with its numerous shopping opportunities. The prices per square metre for an apartment range between 2,400-3,800 euros for a new building and 1,800-3,300 euros for an existing one. A house can be purchased for up to 1.2 million euros, an existing house for up to 900,000 euros. The rent is 10.78 euros per square metre (existing) and 12.4 euros per square metre (new).



The Friedrichstadt in urban district 3 accommodates 19,984 residents (status 2016). The district is very central and young. There are many single households and old buildings in the district. The district offers, among other things, the well-known bookstore “Stern Verlag” such as the Kunstdependance der Kunstsamnmlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K21. The Schwanenspiegel or Kaiserteich pond offer relaxation. The prices per square metre for a condominium in a new building are between 2,400 and 3,800 euros, for an existing one between 1,800 and 3,300 euros. One house in the new building can be purchased for 500,000-1.2 million euros. A house in the inventory in Friedrichstadt costs between 400,000-900,000 euros. The rent in the district is 10.72 euros per square metre (existing) and 14.04 euros per square metre (new).



The Bilk district is located in urban district 3 and has 40,038 inhabitants as of 2016. The district is particularly popular because of its proximity to the university and its alternative flair. There are second-hand shops, student bars and international restaurants. Bilk offers the Botanical Gardens and the former Boui Boui factory, which is a great venue for flea markets, concerts and other cultural events. A new condominium has a price per square metre of 1,900-2,700 euros, an existing condominium 1,400-2,300 euros per square metre. A new house can be purchased for 300,000-550,000 euros, a house in the inventory costs between 250,000-450,000 euros. The average rent in Bilk is 11,49 Euro cold.

Real estate trends Düsseldorf 2019


Price developments in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf’s real estate market is particularly popular because of its durability. The city has a solid economic structure and high purchasing power due to the various successful economic sectors. The annual influx – 29,000 new residents in 5 years – promises tenant stability and constant demand for real estate. If interest rates remain low, prices should continue to rise due to the shortage of building land. As expected, sales in the medium and low price segments in particular will increase. One problem is the decoupling of rents and purchase prices, which leads to lower yields and reduces the attractiveness among investors. Together with higher interest rates and more building permits, prices could stagnate somewhat. However, this should at most be a slight weakening.



The trend in Düsseldorf is towards the surrounding urban areas, as prices here are still somewhat lower. On the other hand, the market for luxury properties and penthouses in particular is developing. These are particularly popular in locations close to the city centre and can already achieve purchase prices of EUR 10,000 per square metre (HypoVereinsbank Real Estate Market Report 2017).


New building development Düsseldorf 2019

Düsseldorf is already densely populated. Since demand is high and supply low, new construction is being pushed forward. Activation of building land is carried out and the number of permits for building projects is high. Particular attention will be paid to the construction of social housing. In addition, areas are needed for private homes. In Düsseldorf, several major projects such as the “Le Quartier Central” or the “Grafental” are currently under construction. The price range is between 5,800 and 8,500 euros per square metre. Two hotels and 1,000 owner-occupied and rented apartments are also being built on the former Deutsche Post distribution centre. 60 homes and 1,300 apartments are to be built on the grounds of Gerresheimer Glashütte.


Regulations Düsseldorf 2019

Düsseldorf’s housing policy is based on the action concept “ZUKUNFT.WOHNEN.DÜSSELDORF”, which was developed in 2013. The main aim of the city’s housing offensive is to create residential space in all price segments. The following regulations and concepts are intended to support this objective:

1) The “quota rule”, which stipulates that the share of subsidised and price-reduced residential construction in new construction projects must be 40% for new construction areas.

2) The investor programme “Innovative rental housing construction at favourable conditions”. In this case, the city offers investors favourable conditions for urban areas if they commit themselves to a 10-year rental price commitment.

3) Advocating the conversion of office to residential space.

4) The “Housing Action Plan”, which should enable the construction of 3,660 housing units in 2019.


Milieu protection Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf there are currently no milieu protection areas, but conservation areas. In these, the buildings are to be protected, since these are of special construction or importance and decisively shape the cityscape. Conservation areas include the Old Town and the Karlsstadt.

Sources: Duesseldorf.de, Office for Statistics and Elections Düsseldorf, Office and Investment Market Report Colliers 2017/18, HypoVereinsbank Real Estate Market Report 2017, Neubau-Düsseldorf.de, Gutachterausschuss für Immobilienwerte Düsseldorf, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Handelsblatt, Wikipedia, Exporo, RP Online, Tourismus.de, Statistica, Miete-Aktuell.de, Mietpreis.de, Capital

Comparative value method

The comparative value procedure is a procedure in which your property is compared with similar properties that have already been sold. The average selling square metre price of the other properties is taken as the starting point. This is adjusted by surcharges and discounts according to the individual conditions of your property and multiplied by the number of square metres of your property.

Capitalized earnings value method

In the capitalised earnings value method, the land and the buildings are valued separately. The formula of the procedure is: Yield value=land value+building yield value of the buildings. The building yield value is the gross profit (annual rent / normal rent) less management costs (maintenance, administration, etc.). After this first deduction you get the net yield of the property. If the land value interest rate is subtracted (land value x property interest rate), the net yield of the building is obtained. To get to the building yield value, you have to multiply it by the multiplier. The multiplier is derived from the remaining useful life and the real estate interest rate. The real estate interest rate reflects the future expectations of market participants.

Material value method

As with the capitalised earnings value method, the land value and the value of the buildings are also determined separately in the tangible value method. In the real value method, the land value and the value of the buildings are determined separately. The initial question of this process is: What does it cost to produce the buildings today? The values then determined are subtracted from the reduction in age value and adjusted to the current real estate market. Guidelines for the tangible asset method are set out under “Normal manufacturing costs” under “Status 2010/Normal manufacturing costs 2010” in the “Guidelines for determining the tangible asset”.


We determine the market-driven maximum price using the comparative value method and comprehensive analyses. One of these analyses is the SWOT analysis. This is otherwise applied to companies. Your property is also a small company that is expensive, complex and unique.

The SWOT analysis determines the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the property. Through the knowledge of these, the selling price can be accurately determined and you go prepared in the sale.

Once strengths (“strenghts”), weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been identified, they interact with each other. This shows how strengths and opportunities can be strengthened and weaknesses and risks can be reduced.

Its strengths are, for example, a secure tenant structure, a good building fabric or a popular location. Weak points are high ancillary costs, the need for renovation and traffic noise. Opportunities are a possible upgrading of the area, for example through a new transport connection. One risk is the dismantling of the infrastructure or an upward age shift. Risks and opportunities are environmental factors, strengths and weaknesses object and environmental factors. Political and legal conditions can influence the pros and cons of your property. For example, protected milieu areas or the rent brake are taken into account in the SWOT analysis.

Through the SWOT analysis, we and you get to know your property as closely as possible. This creates concrete ideas and transparency. It also strengthens trust between all parties: You, us and the buyer, whom we can reach through targeted marketing and can clarify all points.

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