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Property Market Report Berlin 2020

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Berlin pulsates and radiates the typical capital city charm. Here, politics, art, culture, cuisine and economy happen. The real estate market in Berlin in 2020 will be influenced by two main factors: its own rising price dynamics and government regulations. Due to the constant growth, which is due to the high quality of life, the strong economy and the political situation, the demand for apartments will continue to grow. Supply and new construction cannot currently meet this demand. This ratio, together with the low interest rates in recent years, has led to ever higher prices on the property market. One of the political responses to this has been to put a brake on rents or to set up environmental protection areas. From 2020, the rent cap will also apply, although its legal validity is still being reviewed. Find out more about the rent cap in Berlin here. The announcement of the political framework conditions initially caused uncertainty on the housing market. However, even with capped rents, Berlin remains acity that is interesting for owner-occupiers and investors alike and offers ever new opportunities.

With this in mind, we wish you an exciting and successful 2020!

Real estate prices Berlin 2020

Average property prices in 2019


Source: LBS Preisspiegel 2019, ntv, Immowelt

Sales price condominium (existing) (in €/m2)
Building plots for private homes (in €/m2)
Sales price private home (existing)
Offered rent apartment (existing) (60-80m2) (in €/m2)
Offered rent for private home (150-180m2) (in €/m2)
As of 2018 there are 1 949 252 apartments in Berlin. According to the Berlin-Brandeburg Statistical Office, the average household size in Berlin is 1.8 persons; on average, the inhabitants of Berlin live on 39.2 square metres. Due to the high level of immigration in recent years, with demand exceeding supply of residential property, property prices have been on the rise. Meanwhile, the influx to Berlin is flattening out, with 55,000 people moving to the capital in 2016 and 31,000 in 2018. Overall, fewer properties were sold in 2019. The number of residential and part-ownership sales fell by 3% to 21,176 in 2019, but turnover in the same sector roses by 4% to 6,549 million euros. In Berlin, sales of developed land rose by 1% to 4,166, including 2,856 single and two-family homes (+8%) and 887 residential and commercial properties, including 476 rental homes (-15%). In addition, 16,806 condominiums were sold in 2019, 5% less than in the previous year. All in all, there were 26,523 (-3%) sales in Berlin, with record turnover of EUR 21,461.5 million (+13%) (ZIA spring reports; Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte Berlin). The sales prices for condominiums (60-80 square meters, good equipment, all years of construction) have continued to rise in all German A-cities in 2019 and the price increases are around 10% (ZIA spring report). In Berlin, the average price per square metre for condominiums in the portfolio is EUR 3,850 per square metre (LBS Preisspiegel). This means that the purchase prices for owner-occupied flats are rising more strongly than the rents under new contracts, one reason being the low interest rates. New-contract rents in Germany have risen by3.5%. Overall, rents are not rising as strongly as in previous years. This is particularly true for multi-storey residential construction, where prices are becoming more stable (Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte). The offered rent for apartments with 60-80 square meters (stock) is around 9.91 euros per square meter (ntv) in Berlin, and 8.13 euros per square meter throughout Germany. The maximum rent for a residential property (first-time occupancy) could be EUR 22 per square meter in 2020, which would be 2.3% more than in the previous year (forecast property market report DZ HYP).

New building Berlin 2020

New residential construction is on the rise in Berlin, and according to the ZIA’s spring report, there is even a construction backlog. In other words, more building permits are being issued than properties can be completed. Therefore, in 2020, supply could even grow faster than demand, a novelty in Berlin. In 2019, there were 1,181 sales of undeveloped land in Berlin, down 15% on the previous year. 667 sales were for individual residential construction (-10%), 152 sales for multi-storey residential construction (-18%), 57 commercial properties (-42%) were sold in 2019 (Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte Berlin). Particularly high levels of construction are expected in 2020 in Berlin-Mitte and Charlottenburg, as well as in Pankow. BUWOG is building 231 condominiums in Heidestrasse, 43 new condominiums are being built at Savignyplatz as a result of a core redevelopment, and in Pankow the “Immergrün Berlin-Pankow” project with 132 condominiums is planned, which has wooden elements and greenery in its concept and thus follows the green-urban trend.

Commercial real estate Berlin 2020

Office and retail properties are in great demand in Berlin. The demand can hardly be met due to the high request. The spring report of the Council of Property Wise Men shows that the office vacancy rate in Berlin is around 1.3%, which is below the healthy supply reserve. Demand is mainly in the office segment, but the hotel and logistics sector is also affected (ZIA). The high demand with low supply is causing prices to rise. In particular, office and commercial buildings as well as commercially usable plots in the inner city area are achieving ever higher prices. Office properties could reach a top rent of EUR 38.1 per square meter in 2020 (+3%), retail properties EUR 310 per square meter (Immobilienmarktbericht DZ HYP). Retail sales have increased by 2.7% compared to the previous year. The declining supply is also reflected in sales: in 2019, 378 residential and commercial buildings were sold (-11%) and 9% fewer office and commercial buildings, including retail properties. In 2019, 612 commercial properties were sold in the residential and part-ownership sector (+3%) (Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte Berlin). In addition, the highest ever documented investment volume in Germany with commercial real estate was achieved in 2019. This is an investment volume of 72.6 billion euros, an increase of 19% compared to 2018.

Property prices by Berlin districts

Residential rents 2019

monthly net cold rent for new contracts in € per m2

Preferred residential area Standard residential area
Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf 13,25 11,00
Mitte 13,25 10,50
Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg 12,00 10,00
Tempelhof-Schöneberg 11,75 9,75
Pankow 11,50 10,00
Steglitz-Zehlendorf 11,25 9,50
Treptow-Köpenick 10,50 9,50
Reinickendorf 10,25 9,25
Neukölln 10,25 8,50
Spandau 9,75 8,50
Marzahn-Hellersdorf 9,50 8,50
Lichtenberg 9,25 9,25

Source: C. Schlippes / bm infografik

In terms of offered rents in Berlin, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is in first place, followed by Berlin-Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. With 50%, demand for real estate in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg has risen the most. Mitte and the so-called “Xhain” are also the districts in Berlin in which the apartments far exceed the specified rents in the rent table (rent cap). You can find the rent table here. Marzahn-Hellersdorf, on the other hand, offers those with the lowest prices per square meter and the smallest difference to the figures in the rent table. An upcoming district is also Pankow. The Florakiez in particular is developing into the new Prenzlauer Berg and is expected to experience a significant increase when Tegel Airport is closed and BER opens and there is no more aircraft noise (Berliner Morgenpost).

Political changes in 2020 – effects on the Berlin real estate market

The real estate year 2020 will be largely influenced by the political situation. On the one hand, the political situation in Germany and the political situation abroad, which in England is determined by the brexite or in America by the trade war, will ensure high growth and interest, especially from foreign investors. On the other hand, there are political measures such as milieu conservation areas, of which there are now around 60 in Berlin. Find out more about Milieu Protection Areas in Berlin here. In addition, if the rent cap is legally effective, rents will be capped in 2020. You can find out about exceptions here. This ensures lower price increases in Berlin and, above all, raises questions among foreign investors. However, Berlin is loved and appreciated above all for its attitude to life and its economy and will therefore remain on the radar screen of investors. A further point is the climate package of the Federal Government with its CO2 tax, which will raise the costs for heating oil and gasoline. Owners and tenants should therefore be relieved by decreasing electricity costs, a higher housing allowance and a limited apportionment of the CO2 price. In addition, the federal government wants to promote climate-friendly construction and renovation. From 2026, pure oil heating systems will no longer be allowed to be installed.

We would be happy to inform you about the political framework conditions in Berlin!

Economic growth 2020 in Berlin

Berlin’s economy remains diverse and promising. For the 6th year in a row, the capital has been above the national average in terms of economic growth. The economy is growing and wages are rising. This is partly due to the start-up quantity and quality for which Berlin is known. In addition, Berlin has the highest growth rate in jobs. New places will also be created by Siemensstadt 2.0 and the new Tesla location in Brandenburg. In Grünheide, 500,000 electric vehicles per year are to be produced in the future. In 2020, Berlin will place particular emphasis on an innovative and ecological industry.

Berlin real estate trends 2020

In the capital, the coworking trend is gaining momentum. The concept refers to the shared use of a workplace and is lived out in cities like New York or London. In addition, the trend towards furnished living in Berlin is becoming more and more apparent. This again underlines the internationality of the metropolis of Berlin, which attracts people from all over the world. And as it is: many come and stay forever.

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