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Invest in real estate in Germany

You want to invest in Germany?

Place his capital in a safe value? Willing to increase your capital on a long term placement? Germany is a strong and stable country which has established itself on the global and European up to become a very attractive country for investing.

Why investing in Germany?

1. A strong economy

With a GDP / capita of about € 40,000, Germany is a European and world economic power. 1st European country, Germany has also established itself as 4th world power with unemployment at only 6.6% (May 2014). Germany is strong in exporting. The strongest economic partner of France remains ahead of the United States or the United Kingdom.

2. International companies that attract

The strength of German firms is export and quality products. Whether in the car, in chemistry, in the industrial or technical in sports products, Germany has managed to create global brands and recognized.

All these companies are attracting newcomers in Germany and in large cities like Berlin. The number of inhabitants in the capital is still lower than before the Second World War and the construction potential is still very large, with a population growth of about 5%. The job market is interesting with successful companies and attract qualified people as managers and engineers.

3. Increase your spending power

Market prices are still very interesting and will continue to rise. For example, in Berlin, the average is € 3,500 / m2 with an increasing potential revaluation. If you compare to London or Paris, where you sometimes have to pay triple for the same area in both cities. You can then target larger apartments to target the most interesting locations. In Paris, with € 250,000, you can think acquire between 25 and 30m2 and Berlin, you can think acquire 2 or 3 parts in good neighborhoods, 50 or 60m2.

4. Terms of resale in real estate

The tax on capital gains is only valid on the first ten years for an individual and for human societies (for a corporation, it is different). If you sell after 10 years, you will not be taxed.

You benefit from a perspective of surplus value interesting for resale by individuals on Berlin. The capital slowly ends its reunification and has already begun its economic and population growth.

5. The capital city, Berlin, offers the most attractive market in Europe

Berlin is unique. The capital offers a rare quality of life for a large city. She is very open to the world and offers large spaces. Currently, it is more interesting to buy than rent. Because the Germans are very tenants person in order to stay flexible, you will easily find a tenant for your investment.

6. The importance of investing in bricks and mortar

We understand the interest in investing in bricks and mortar for the long term and to enjoy stability in a country like Germany. We estimate that owning a property in real estate is a guarantee for your capital. Germany offers rare opportunities in Europe based on a strong currency.

Our agency for your investment!

Our agency will support you in all phases of your investment in English, German and French with you and with our partners. From defining your criteria to the renting, our agency Invest-AB.com is there to guide you to the ideal property for an investment. We want to build   trustful a relationship to make the right decision. We know how to take the time to understand your project.

Get in touch today to find out more about the process and to start the first steps in your investment. Our agents are standing at your disposal.

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