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Why invest in a building in Germany?

On many levels, the indicators are green for starting an investment in a building in Germany. The country’s great economic stability and the fact that the real estate market in some of Germany’s major cities is lagging behind, have created good conditions for investors looking for good rates of return combined with investment security. The dynamism of the country has created a local population with a high standard of living and strong purchasing power, particularly in eastern cities such as Dresden, Berlin or Leipzig, which have been experiencing a revival since the early 2000s thanks to a price per m2 that is still affordable.

The country’s international reputation also attracts talent from all over Europe. This often skilled workforce is increasing the pressure on the rental market, leading to an attractive rate of return. Some may even become potential buyers. If they are not looking for an investment in an entire property in Germany, they are often looking for small areas for a first investment, further increasing the potential for added value for investors.

The financial conditions in Germany are really good to invest in a real estate project. Resale without capital gains tax is possible after only 10 years in Germany. Our team can guide you in the tax optimisation of your investment in a property in Germany.

What are the criteria to consider?

While all the traditional criteria such as the condition of the building, its contractual relationship with its occupants, the rate of return and maintenance costs are important, it is also necessary to look at the internal dynamics of the city to seize the emergence of new opportunities at the right time. A new shopping area, the gentrification of a neighbourhood, the creation of a technology incubator are all indicators that can make the difference between a good and a bad investment in a building in Germany. Our network of partners close to the field can help you with this.

The historical fact also has a great influence on the state of the German real estate market, as many cities were largely destroyed during the bombings of the Second World War. As a result, pre-war stone is increasingly scarce. A close look at the history of the building to identify potential sources of costs such as poor ventilation, construction defects, roof design, etc. is necessary.

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Our real estate experts have been on the German real estate market for years and know the German market with all its facets. We are happy to share our knowledge of the real estate market with you and advise you on the right option for investing in Germany.


Our agency is characterized by its unique service. We are your personal and professional partner if you want to invest in real estate in Germany. From the first personal meeting where you tell us about your wishes, through the search for the perfect property for your ideas, to the conclusion of the contract, we will remain at your side. And even after a successful change of ownership, we are still there for you. We want you to invest in a German property with a good feeling.


With all the numbers, data and facts, the personal component is very important to us. We are interested in your wishes and ideas and we want to find the property that suits you best. In addition, in your search you will benefit from our international customer file, which we have built up through our three brands (German, French, English).

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Successful Sales

Prenzlauer Berg
  • surface: 67m2
  • price: 320.000 €
  • location: Prenzlauer Berg
  • surface: 77m2
  • price: 310.000 €
  • location: Kreuzberg
  • surface: 58m2
  • price: 310.000 €
  • location: Kollwitzkiez (Prenzlauer Berg)



Very friendly team. We could sell our condo in Charlottenburg to a French family. From the evaluation of the property to the purchase transaction everything worked very well. Especially the personal contact and the fast communication was a very important factor for us.


Since we don’t live in Berlin and wanted to sell our apartment, the team of AB-Real-Estate advised us by phone in a first step. 2 months later AB-Real-Estate was able to sell the apartment to a Berlin couple. Our price expectation was exceeded here. We thank you for the cooperation & can only recommend this agency.


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