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How to register at the Bürgeramt in Berlin Germany

Posted by investabcom on Oktober 2, 2017

Settling in Berlin requires a few administrative steps. We introduce here one of the most import ones of these: the Anmeldung, which in turn will have you obtain the « Anmeldungbescheinigung ».

Registering at the Bürgeramt

“Anmeldung” literally means “to register”. This formality is in theory to be done within 8 days after moving into your apartment. This is to be done at the Bürgeramt (your local town hall) where you live (Bezirk).

Required documents to register

To go through with the Anmeldung, you won’t need too many documents. You will just need to bring your passport or ID card & your rental contract. If you don’t live in your own place yet and you are staying at friends’ or relatives’, a letter stating you are guest of their should be enough too. Alternatively, your host can come with you as well.

On top, you need  from the landlord or the agency you rent the apartment through the so called “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung” document. This document officialises that the landlord rented the apartment to you and you are allowed to register at the given address. Do not go to the Burgeramt without this document.

The reason why you need to do this: Anmeldungbeschcheinigung

The Anmeldung process is a required step if you plan to stay long term in Berlin. The Bürgeramt will give you a document that is essential:  the “Anmeldungbeschcheinigung”. This document is your very own proof of residence delivered by German authorities. It will be required for almost any further administrative step: looking for a job, signing up for a phone line, opening up a bank account, etc.

Remembering your tax ID

Make sure to mention that you plan to work in Germany at the Bürgeramt while doing the Anmeldung. This will in turn make sure that the tax authorities will be issuing a unique tax ID for you. This is will be required by your employer when you start working to automatically manage income tax. You should receive by post within 2 weeks.


Remember that taxes are also going to religious groups in Germany. You might also have to pay Church tax if you don’t pay attention to what you tick on the form. To avoid that, make sure you mention you don’t belong to any church.

If you need another copy of your Anmeldungbeschcheinigung, you can also ask for one by post. Your case will be processed and in return you will receive a new copy within 2 weeks. You then avoid lengthy queues at the Bürgeramt.

Bürgeramt list:

Here are the main offices for the following Bezirke

Mitte :

Karl-Marx-Allee 31, 10178, Berlin

Müllerstr. 147, 13353, Berlin

Mathilde-Jacob-Platz 1, 10551, Berlin

Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain :

Yorckstr. 4 – 11, 10965 Berlin, entrée principale, 3e étage

Schlesische Str. 27 A, 10997 Berlin

Frankfurter Allee 35/37, 10247 Berlin, Entrée B

Prenzlauer Berg :

Fröbelstr. 17, 10405, Berlin

Image credit and more information : http://www.berlin.de/

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