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Munich – Bavaria’s Word Metropol...

Mai 20, 2019
LOCATION AND CONNECTION The state capital of the Free State of Bavaria is an independent city and metropolis. Munic [more]
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5 rules to search an apartment to rent in Berlin and in Germany

The 5 golden rules to rent an apartment quic...

Aug 15, 2018
Are you looking for an apartment to rent? Are you setting in Berlin or moving alone or with friends and family? Ind [more]
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Alexanderplatz Berlin

Berlin’s population – young and ...

Jul 03, 2018
In 2018, the German capital city Berlin is still an attractive place-to-live. The population of Berlin comes from a [more]
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How to register at the Bürgeramt in Berlin G...

Okt 02, 2017
Settling in Berlin requires a few administrative steps. We introduce here one of the most import ones of these: the [more]
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Invest AB getting a SCHUFA

How to get a Schufa certificate

Sep 04, 2017
Moving to Berlin can sometimes look like a boot camp, especially because of the numerous administrative steps to ta [more]
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where to find good cheese in Berlin

Where to find french cheese in Berlin

Aug 25, 2017
For all cheese lovers out there, this little miracle made out of milk and savoir-faire is a matter of lifestyle. It [more]
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Rent out a furnished flat in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

7 mistakes foreigners often do when investin...

Aug 03, 2017
If Berlin certainly remains an interesting market these days, it is also a market with particular dynamics and hurd [more]
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Michelin stars restaurants in Berlin –...

Jul 25, 2017
Our little guide introduce all Berlin restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star for all the fine dining fa [more]
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Real estate market trends in Berlin for 2017

Mrz 03, 2017
Berlin remains a very dynamic market, constantly moving from to year to year. The big picture is changing, along wi [more]
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Brexit’s consequences on the estate ma...

Sep 10, 2016
The U.K’s decision to leave the E.U is still a schock that many actors on the continent still have to digest. [more]
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Here is a solution to the end of summer rent...

Aug 25, 2016
Since may 2016, a new law passed by the local Senate forbids short term rental on platforms like Airbnb in Berlin.W [more]
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Small surface & good yield; micro-apart...

Aug 19, 2016
There is an increasing demand for smaller apartments in Berlin too. Those studio apartments are more relevant for n [more]
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Online scams on rental offers or flat-sharin...

Aug 10, 2016
Finding a flat for rent can be difficult, especially at the start of new semesters or while being away from Berlin. [more]
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Rent calculation Germany

Calculating & understanding rent in Ber...

Jul 21, 2016
For any prospective owner or investor, calculating & understanding rent in Berlin & Germany is first step t [more]
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Courtyard 3

How to buy an apartment in Berlin ?

Jul 06, 2016
Although the market has begun to level with the rest of the country, Berlin is still offering prices below what you [more]
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Defining your budget & goals when buyin...

Jun 07, 2016
A successful investment in Berlin means first and foremost a clearly laid-out plan & budget, and this regardles [more]
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Introduction to the land register - Grundbuch Berlin Germany

Introduction to the land register in Germany...

Jun 02, 2016
In Germany, the land register is known as “Grundbuch“. Each land plot, house or apartment is registered [more]
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Taxation after buying estate in Berlin Germany

Understanding taxation after buying a proper...

Jun 01, 2016
When you plan to invest in a flat, a house or a building in Berlin, you have to understand all the rules around tax [more]
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Evolution and trends in berlin estate market for 2016

Evolution of the Berlin real estate market i...

Dez 08, 2015
Berlin’s real estate market is booming. Although the second most populous city in the EU, asking price per sq [more]
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Extra costs fees for purchasing an apartment in Berlin and in Germany

Additional costs for buying an apartment in ...

Nov 26, 2015
Before embarking on its purchase in Berlin and Germany, it is important to know the additional costs. So you will b [more]
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Invest-AB TV tower berlin

Welcome on the blog of

Mai 06, 2015
Be welcome to the new website! The purpose of this blog is to provide you information on apartments i [more]
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