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Providing a unique service is our leitmotiv

Understanding your project is at the center of our attention to find the perfect match for you.


Niels Schnatz
Manager – German
Speaks French, English

Building a personalized relationship

Our services are dedicated to offer a unique approach as an international estate agency in Berlin & Germany. As a certified estate agency (§34c GewO), our focus is put on communication with the client and the understanding of their estate project: rental investment or purchase for one’s self.

From defining your search criteria to getting a hold of your keys, we stay with you all along the process, assiting you in German, English or French. Step by step, we make sure you understand all elements and all key actors involved.

We wish to establish a solid and trustworthy relationship to reach your goal to invest in estate in Berlin.

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What drives us

Berlin is rich of a unique real estate, should that be in old buildings (Altbau) or new ones (Neubau). From early 20th century buildings to modern innovative projects, the Berliner real estate has much to offer. We are passionate about it and are always marveled when we discover exciting new and rare properties.

The local real estate market has its character that we love to talk about and introduce to our client through our services and viewings. We put our passion for the city at the services of newcomers.

Our values

We always follow the following values throughout our work:

  • Put the customer and their criteria at the heart of the relationship: our goal is to help you find the perfect match.
  • Transparency: communicate all information to our clients so they can take an qualified decision.
  • Speed: it counts when you have found the right property. Service speed matters to us.

Berlin, a true choice.

Moving to Berlin

The renewed dynamism of the city attracted our team in the past and that is exactly why our customers are interested in the city as well.

Our customers have all sorts of personal stories in the German capital; they lived there for a time, studied there or else; they fell in love with the lifestyle during a holiday trip. Others are also coming here for various opportunities: interesting estate investments, affordable flats or job opportunities.

There are several reasons to move to Berlin. Often, one comes and doesn’t leave again.

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AB a bike to discover Berlin
Target and budget investment in Berli

Living in Berlin

Living in Berlin is an opportunity for the dynamic crowd which loves space to see projects, families and societies grow.

Living in Berlin provides you with enough space, especially thanks to its numerous parks in the center of the city. One comes to Berlin by choice in order to live differently than in other European capitals, in the capital of a strong country economically speaking.

Berlin has the necessary space and a quick access to large and green open spaces in Berlin and Brandenburg.

View on the Spree and Oberbaumbrücke
AB_Viktoria Park Kreuzberg on a sunny day
nvest-AB - Invest in Berlin real estate

Discovering Berlin

With time and thanks to discoveries and meeting new people, we have developed a unique bond with the city. That’s why we are always excited to get to know a new street, a new café. Berlin is a daily discovery through its history, culture or its renewed identity.

Districts, parks or lakes never fail to surprise. The city and its inhabitants are so dynamic that every new year brings new concepts and ideas to Berlin. The numerous events are also a chance to meet new people.

Berlin is full of surprises for every passionate city lover.

Invest-AB.com | Real estate agency in Berlin

Our methodology

We work on demand based on your criteria. We find projects and partners depending on your individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with the largest choice of properties possible. We select agencies and promoters that can bring properties with the best potential. We simplify the whole research task through a proactive management and a personalized relationship in French, English or German.

Lengthy meetings will let us understand your wishes and your project. We do take time to listen and provide advice where needed. We remain present every step of the way to ensure a safe and confident decision making process.

Our mission is accomplished once you found your future property.

Get in touch with us to meet and to view apartments we will have selected together:

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