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Real estate valuation service in Berlin

We offer a free, no-obligation property valuation service to all properties in Berlin.

 Your benefits as a seller

  • Adjust your property price to market levels
  • Profit from our experience in the field
  • More candidates for a purchase
  • Reduce delays when you are selling
  • Receive a detailed survey of your property
  • Increase your chances of buying or selling your flat at the right price with our services

Property valuation in Berlin

The contact form allows you to enter all necessary details to begin the valuation of a property in Berlin. Get in touch with us with it to receive a full report. The details listed below are only relevant in case of a purchase. We don’t charge the appraisal when selling.

  • BASIC: Our appraisal will give you a general picture to set the price. It is based on your informations only and the current level of prices in the area.
  • DETAILED: We use databases at our disposable to let you know the current prices, the trends & how you can set your asking price for best results.
  • FULL ASSESSMENT: After viewing the property and analyzing our databases, we are able to give you a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of the object. Ultra-local information like the neighborhood and the near-by amenities are taken into consideration.
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What are the criteria to assess a property in Berlin?

  • Size: the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be.
  • Location: the attractiveness of a property is assessed by looking at the surroundings and how much they increase the quality of life, like transportation, schools, parks or supermarkets.
  • Layout: the way the rooms have been set has a great impact on your potential buyers or sellers as they shape what use the space can have.
  • Amount of rooms: Depending on the size of the property, the amount of rooms will be important for potential prospects.
  • General condition: Is the property in good condition? Does it need renovations?
  • Construction works: were there any renovation works since the property has been bought? Any improvements will raise its value.
  • Current market trends: the same property can be bought or sold at awfully different prices depending on the current trend on the market. It is paramount to take that into account.

Ask us for the appraisal form now to start assessing your property in Berlin with the help of our agents

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